How to Get Low Sports Car Insurance Rates

There are a variety of high-performance, sports and muscle cars in the US for nearly every budget. You may be rich enough to buy several of them or have been saving for a while for a dream automobile. They may seem like an expensive hobby but they can be bought, maintained, driven and insured at reasonable costs and minding a few points can help in achieving this objective.

It would help if you did your homework before buying one of these powerful vehicles. For example, you could start with learning how much insurance is for a sports car similar to yours (or the one you are considering) with a driver just like you. This can be done in minutes if you already have a car in mind by getting quotes for it online.

Premiums can be expensive especially if you don’t have a good record. Youngsters may be uninsurable to drive a performance car, which is something buyers of such automobiles need to keep in mind. The reason for it is very simple. These are fast autos and reach high speed in a blink of an eye. So, you need to pay attention to a few points if you don’t want to end up paying a truck load of money for premiums.

affordable sports car insurance

How Much Is Insurance for a High-Performance Car?

Let’s get down straight to the business since this would be a question that is coming. Obviously, the answer depends on the type. If we are talking about the high-end performance cars like Ferraris, Porsches and Maseratis you should be prepared to pay a lot more and shop hard for the best deals. Probably, you cannot include any driver under the age of 21 or 25 with such autos. And you would have to pay an arm and a leg to insure a mature driver with a bad record whichever way you look.

There are a few sporty and yet safe automobiles like Coupes that can be covered at a reasonable price, especially if they have decent safety and crash avoidance features, and manufactured by a reliable brand. You may find that there isn’t much premium difference between a well-built coupe and typical sedan.

Here are a few points insurers look at when they measure exposure that comes with certain vehicles. Often, companies group sports, high-performance and muscle cars together and therefore these points apply to them too. You need to score well on several of them because they determine the muscle car insurance rates applied. If you fail in all these areas, you may even have to think about selling it and getting something more modest, instead of struggling with over-budget premiums.

  1. How Fast It Can Go: They are designed to speed very quickly. You need special skills to control them and that usually comes with maturity and experience. If you have a sports vehicle with a modest engine, you may still get it insured on the cheap as long as you have good driving and claim history.
  2. How Well They Protect Passengers: Injury claims scare carriers. That is why they prefer automobiles with safety features inside like advanced airbags and seatbelts, including crash avoidance solutions. So, you may actually find that a latest model safety conscious Coupe may be cheaper to insure than run of the mill sedan.
  3. How Likely a Car to Cause Large Damages to Other Vehicles: Again, this is to do with injury and damages claims and, in this case, these are the ones that come from third parties. If it is capable of ramming other vehicles so badly that causes serious injuries to other drivers and passengers you are looking at expensive premiums. SUVs are one example.
  4. How Expensive It Is to Repair or Replace It: If you own a popular model, it is likely that there will be plenty of replacement parts in the market and it will be economical to repair it. Also, you can find a few models that are reasonably priced.
  5. Are There Any Modifications: People love to personalize them with various modifications which would affect the premium, especially if it is an engine upgrade or any adjustments to tyres or suspension. Also, you need to make sure that your carrier knows about the custom work which can be noted on the policy with a rider. This would make sure your additional investment on the vehicle is protected.

As mentioned above it is easy to find out how much premium you need to pay. You can get affordable quotes right here on this website to find out the rough cost before even buying it.

How to Get More Affordable Muscle Car Insurance

Considering the costs, you may need a planned approach to handling them. There are a few things you can do to get the best rates and they are discussed below:

  1. Choose the Make and Model Carefully: You can forget about economies and prepare to splash out when you choose certain models. Some others aren’t that bad and you can arrange the most suitable high-risk-automobile insurance at a reasonable price.
  2. You Need to Have a Good Record: Having at least three years experience with no ticket and claim can qualify you for discounted rates even with some of the riskier ones. But you may have to pay twice higher premiums when you have tickets and recent claims.
  3. Consider Taking Advanced Driving Courses: When you have an advanced license and are at least 25-year-old you can get any auto cover and still don’t pay much for it. If you have the above two characteristics as well you can find affordable sports vehicle insurance. Actually, you may need to pass an advanced test to drive some of the performance autos as a basic condition anyway.
  4. Take Advantage of Your Strong Points: There are so many other factors affecting premiums these days. You can get good rates because you are a homeowner, married, have a garage, respectable job, great credit score and even membership of an automobile club. All the insurers are looking to see is if you are a responsible person and they reward such people handsomely with good discounts, regardless of what they drive.
  5. Check Your Mileage: Often people have a fancy automobile to take for a spin and a sensible one to go to work everyday. If your muscle car is sitting in the garage most of the time, you probably don’t do many miles on it. In that case, you can mention this fact and ask for low mileage discounts. Usually, if you are driving less than 7,000 miles a year you qualify for a discount. And you can save a lot of money on insurance if you do less than 3,000 miles, especially with high-risk automobiles.
  6. Never Ignore Traditional Companies: Get quotes from specialists in this field by all means. But don’t make the mistake of giving cold shoulders to typical names. They can offer pretty competitive rates especially if you meet the proceeding conditions. Many of them are capable of handling and differentiating market segments so that each is looked after accordingly.
  7. Look into Combining Opportunities: You can talk to both existing home and auto carriers and see if they would offer you discounts for bundling. Don’t just look at it from one angle and get creative because every little helps in keeping the costs down. For example, having a garage would qualify you for at least a 10% discount.
  8. Get a few Performance Automobile Insurance Quotes: It pays to spare a few minutes to find the best deals when you can potentially save a lot of money. This will also allow you to compare companies and coverage too. If you are particular about the level of protection and the name of the carrier you wouldn’t probably go for any policy. Nevertheless, you need to see the prices and what else available on the market. Otherwise, you can easily be presumptuous and miss out on great value in every sense. It is essential to shop around to find the most economical policy.

The thing to remember is that you buy a vehicle to last a few years. So, it is best to figure out the most advantageous plan early on and start saving. Also, you may not be bothered with the costs at good times. But everyone goes through some rough patches and then they start worrying about them to a point that they consider selling the auto. Once you hit the nail on the head early on you can enjoy the ride and weather a few storms along the way.