Free Auto Insurance Quotes without the Hassles

If you are looking to find the best and cheapest you need to get free car insurance quotes and compare. Normally you don’t need pay for estimates in most lines of businesses but can they cost you in different ways? Let’s have a close look at how unfettered we are to decide after checking prices and how to avoid potential pestering and unwanted correspondences.

I don’t think anyone is openly charging for it or can get away with it. Then, why many websites advertise themselves as the ultimate place? I guess what they mean is that you are under no obligation to do anything and you will not be hassled any further. Perhaps, the word is used to suggest free from hindrance to make your own mind up, as well as not costing money. Definitely, it is easier to walk away and ignore a quotation you received online because you fill all the required details and a computer program spits out the price. Usually, most insurers will not chase or phone you to follow up, even though they have the number. Most of them leave it at providing a phone number in case you may want to call them with a question.

On the other hand, it is harder to walk away from an agency or brokerage office without buying anything after taking their time. Technically, you can say things like you are just shopping around and you will let them know. However, most people wouldn’t do that, especially if they are offered reasonable looking deals, even though they are not sure if it is the best. Then, this mental pressure may continue at renewal as well because you are acquainted with this intermediary.

You have more presumed freedom to walk away from an online quote than walking away from a brokerage, especially after getting acquainted with the agent. It is harder to say no to someone, even though we have just met him or her.

Sources of Quotations

There are several ways of having a few of them to see if you can save some money. Let’s have a look at some of these options.

Various surveys suggest that drivers are usually not keen on shopping for vehicle insurance. They worry that it will be boring, take too long and they will have to deal with pushy agents. The best quote source would be the one that solves these concerns.

=> Comparison Websites
There are two distinctive types of sites. The first type takes you straight to own proposal forms to collect the required information and pass it onto various agents and companies. You have to give information to them and agree to privacy terms and hope that they will treat details respectfully. Once you fill the form, you should expect to receive calls and e-mails from various people. The fact that you don’t have any control over who looks at the information and who contacts you may be the downside of them. However, you fill one form.

This one falls into second category that only facilitates and don’t dictate where you go from here. Once you enter your zip code you are taken to a page with the list of auto insurance companies in your area. Then, you choose the ones you like and follow the link to their website. Now you are dealing with chosen insurers directly. In other words, you fill their form and agree to privacy terms. The downside is that you will need to fill several forms in order to have enough to compare. However, each form takes maximum 10 minutes and it becomes much easier after the first one because they are pretty similar to each other. Check out how long does it take to get car insurance?

Our homepage explains the types of questions you will be asked on proposal forms. You may need to agree that the insurer can check driving record, credit, coverage and claim history while determining the premium. But these are mostly public records anyway.

The former type of comparison takes less time but you are in full control with the latter as to who looks at personal and contact details including phone number and e-mail address.

=> Direct
Going direct reduces privacy issues and cuts down unwanted calls. You can either choose a website like ours to see which companies are currently offering good deals in your zip code, look them up through yellow pages or you can do both. You can also look for them on s search engine using preferences like the best or cheapest companies.

The problem with going direct one by one is that you can quickly get bored with the process and take the first or second estimate. You can lower rates substantially if you persist on and get at least 5. 

=> Independent Brokers
Since you are looking to get the best price you should talk to an independent broker instead of a tied agent. You will either need to give them the details over the phone or in person by visiting the office. Today, a few of them have online forms too. This is the most traditional method and still favored by many motorists.

Would I Be Hassled after No Obligation Online Automobile Insurance Quotes?

People are drawn to them because they are fast, always available, easy to get and no human contact. They expect to receive a firm price when they fill a form.

On the other hand, filling out a third party form may appear to be easier but various people may annoy you both by phone and e-mail as they receive your details from those lead generators. It doesn’t mean that it is always bad. Some people, especially new drivers, may want to hear about all the options and they can ask many questions during those calls. This can be a highly educational process. However, you may not want to put up with “smart comments” from unknown agents if you know exactly what you want.

The good thing is that you have plenty options. If a site pulls up a long sheet in front of you and you don’t want to give them any detail you can always get here. Why not enter the zip code above and see what we can do for you.