Homeowners Auto Insurance – Why the Big Discounts?

Calculation of insurance premiums require complex algorithms that can be equated to the search algorithm of Google’s search engine. They are enigmatic to the point that every insurer uses their own proprietary algorithm to help ensure their claims or losses do not outweigh their profits. Of course carriers are businesses and need to make a profit. In the quest to lower losses, the industry has long searched for social, political, economic and behavioral factors that show a correlation to fewer claims. Across multiple studies and decades, insurers believe the difference between renting and owning your home is one such factor. That is mainly why they offer cheaper homeowners auto insurance quotes.


Insurance as an industry is in the business of betting against large risks. In order to effectively be able to bet against the risk, for example that a driver with a DUI charge will not commit another offense, insurers simply charge much higher premiums. These much higher premiums across this subset are meant to offset the large losses when a driver commits another DUI offense.

Home Owners Make Better Decisions

In the quest to price premiums so that they effectively cover the cost of claims by their policyholders, insurers need to be constantly revising their algorithms and assessing possible factors that will increase or decrease claims. A long- held belief is that owning a house is a sign of increased social, moral and ethical behaviors that also lead to lower loss claims. An article published in Social Forces found that people who own their house were 1.28 times more likely to be involved in community groups and 1.32 times more likely to join a civic association. This increased social responsibility, the insurers contend, lead to safer decision-making once they get behind the wheel of a car, compared to renters. And that is enough to charge less for homeowners automobile insurance.

Renters Make More Claims

This assessment seems to be supported by another study conducted in 2015 that directly compared drivers that rented with those that owned their home. The study evaluated 700,000 respondents over a two year period and found that in the youngest age bracket 18 to 24, those that lived with their parents filed a high 24.4% claim rate, renters were second at 19.7% and those that owned their apartment at this young age, only made claims 17.6% of the time. At 45 to 54 the difference between the three groups was only 1% and it was basically equal for the over 65 year old group. Insurance companies feel justified in charging higher renters car insurance premiums because of this difference in loss claims filed by them.

home ownership and vehicle insurance


As a consumer you may feel it is unfair that owning a property affects how much you pay for insuring your automobiles. Yet the data collected supports the notion that they should get lower auto insurance rates. If insurers priced the premiums the same, they may lose significant revenues on renters and be inclined to raise prices across all policy holders. This may seem like a great idea, until you own your home and are paying higher premiums to cover the losses caused by others.

These comparisons are made throughout many different factors including those with sports cars pay higher premiums than those that own minivans for obvious reasons. Although the system includes complex algorithms to account for different factors, it ensures that you, as a policyholder only pay premiums according to your risk profile.

According to the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), as a renter you will pay on average 7% higher premiums, yet the rates can be quite significantly higher. For example, according to CFA data, in Louisville, Kentucky policyholders of renters auto insurance from Farmers Insurance paid an average 47% more than home owners car insurance.

Get the Discount, Avoid the Higher Cost

In the end, as a renter you want to avoid the higher premium costs, and as an owner you want to ensure you are getting the discount.

Renters Car Insurance

If you are a tenant you will need to be thorough in your research for finding the cheapest rates in your city. Rates can differ significantly with insurers charging anywhere from 3% to 19% on average more for drivers who are living in a rented accommodation. However, within the CFA’s study, it uncovered that GEICO did not charge renters more than owners. Remember to use an online comparison tool like CheapAutoInsurance.net and get as many quotes as possible.

Homeowners Vehicle Insurance

If you recently completed the purchase, now is the time to find cheap homeowners car insurance and maybe change insurers to get the discount you qualify.

Although there is a call to put a stop to differences in auto insurance like this one, it is something that would raise the premiums across every driver. This is an aspect that many including insurers do not want.

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