How Can Parents Ensure Safety of Teenage Drivers?

Teenagers can be daring without any justification. Even though they lack experience they may take far too many risks behind the steering wheel. The odds of them getting involved in an accident are pretty high. There are plenty statistics to prove it. New drivers are several times more likely to have an accident compared to more experienced and mature ones.

driving with my daughterAll parents worry about children when they start driving. Each has a different way of showing. They just want them come home safely. Children may take it differently but a good discussion and open communication would help resolve any issue.

Beside the genuine concerns, there are monetary reasons why it may be a good idea to watch over them. Adding a teenager on to a policy can increase the premium to double the amount. And it is before accidents and traffic violations. It is not easy for many people to take on sizable additional costs and they certainly don’t want it to get worse.

Some parents may feel that they can trust kids behind the steering wheel. Others believe in checking on them and making sure that they are doing the right things. It is totally up to you which way to follow but you may want to see what technologies are available to help both sides.

Gadgets change real fast these days. Therefore, we will go over what can be achieved and possible effects. Here are a few ways of checking and comments on them by experts.

Help in Improving Driving Skills

According to a study carried out by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) monitoring devices helped improve skills. The most improvement was achieved with the warning devices. They send signals when a driver makes a mistake like speeding. They would receive an alert and they have about twenty seconds to correct it. Otherwise, it will go on their report. Parents get a report every two weeks.

Many Ways of Keeping Tabs on Young Drivers

A lot can be achieved with technology. Using GPS parents can set geo-fences that predetermines the areas the car can go and send alerts if it gets out of these zones. They can be used to locate the automobile if it is stolen as well. They can allow them to unlock the car if the keys are left inside. They can check speed and risky patterns. To start with, both parties are alerted. This gives the motorist a chance to correct the mistake.

As well as offering peace of mind for mom and dad these alerts help motorists develop good habits. Since they are informed when they go over the speed limit they would not be tempted and this will turn into an automatic habit for the long term. There even can be camera recording of the incident to look at it later and learn from mistakes.

There are a few technologies for using cell phones while in motion as well. Phone companies can help parents see texting and calling when driving. Some companies offer apps to disable the phone when it detects car movement. It may be difficult for them not to check texts and receive calls while operating a vehicle. Disabling can be a good solution. Also, phone apps can be used to locate them.

Possible Auto Insurance Savings

These solutions are widely available for a setup fee and monthly costs. Some vehicle insurers may provide these solutions free of charge to policyholders. Also, it may help in finding cheaper automobile insurance when policyholders agree on installing them. There can be as much as 15% discounts for using tracking and monitoring solutions.

Car manufacturers can install some of the technology as well either as a standard or extra. Top vehicle speed can be set to prevent going too fast and audio warnings can be set when the limits passed. This feature can be available with satellite navigation as well. Seat belt warnings are available with most new cars now. It may be an expensive car insurance mistake not to benefit from the savings vehicle safety devices can afford you, especially when insuring a teenager with expensive premium.


There are plenty solutions and sources to get them. You can decide what you want and where to get it. The costs also vary depending on the gadget and the source. Indeed you may choose not to get involved in this process, too.

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