Does an Out of State Ticket Affect Insurance?

You may have a clean driving licence where you are but got a speeding ticket in another state a few months ago. Now you would naturally wonder if you should mention this to current auto insurance company or put in a proposal form when getting quotes. The main question would be could they find it on their own? If not, you may feel that you shouldn’t really be so helpful to enable them charge you more. If they can, there is another question as to when and what would they do with that information.

This one moving violation ticket may somehow find its way back to the local DMV office and go on the record. Many states share information about fines in their borders. There is a good chance that a speeding penalty you got in another state will find its way home. Then, it is up to the state authorities to determine how to deal with it according to laws. Remember that each of them has own rules about these things.

You should probably expect it to show up in your Motor Vehicle Record sooner or later. But it isn’t always the case for many reasons. And if it is discovered late enough it may not matter at all since any incident older than three years may be ignored or deleted.

Vehicle insurance companies may have another way of seeing all the tickets issued on your name. With the current technology it is not a far-fetched assumption. However, legislations usually prevent them to act on any information that doesn’t show on applicants’ records. They don’t necessarily carry out check at every renewal anyway. They may not check if you are a long-standing customer with no problems in the past.

However, when they see it there they will include it in their price calculations. Technically, they have the right to go back to the date it is issued and ask backdated additional premiums because it is your responsibility to report such details. Nonetheless, it isn’t the usual practice to apply backdated charges for things they noticed at a later date.

If they can be seen on a DMV record speeding tickets will increase car insurance rates. How much it will influence depends on the driver’s history including claims. There is a chance they may not care about this one incident that happened far away when you have a long and clean history otherwise. You can certainly ask them to do so if you see premium increases.

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