How Far Back Do Insurance Companies Check Driving Records?

When you have recent claims and traffic violation tickets you cannot wait for them to stop affecting your premium. So, it is understandable that you want to know how long do tickets and claims stay in your records and continue influencing your auto insurance premiums? Or how far insurers go back when they are checking your history and determining the rates applicable to you?

Most companies look at last three years for accidents and driving history. And most minor traffic violation tickets get removed from DMV records after three years in most states. Some insurers may look at last five years but the nearer dates are usually more important. Serious traffic violation incidents can continue to affect your car insurance rates as far as ten years. For example, DUI remains in record around five to seven years. 

Hope this answers your question as to how far back do car insurance companies look at records but read on. When you have a vehicle insurance claim, your rates will be affected the most at your next renewal. If you don’t have any other incident or tickets, you may see that your premium is gradually coming down in the following years. If you have an unfortunate claim you should look forward and try to stay out of accidents from then onward.

There are a few other discounts that can counteract to help you find affordable car insurance. For example, you can pay the premium in full to get full payment discount or around five percent and avoid installment charges. You can see if you can save with higher deductibles and so many other ways. So, don’t be so down about losing your no claim or good driver discounts and find these valuable savings you weren’t bothered to check before. Taking an advance driving course after an accident can help in increasing your insurer’s confidence in you and get you some discounts too.

Every company looks at risk differently from each other. Some companies can be forgiving and still offer low premiums to experienced drivers with one accident or traffic violation ticket. You shouldn’t generalize it and see for yourself how much each carrier would charge. The price gap could really be high even between two similar looking companies.

You can always check automobile insurance quotes online and compare your coverage options and prices. There are a few good sites to help you out and you should spare a few minutes to test the waters. You have a good chance of finding some savings.

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