How Long Does It Take to Get Car Insurance?

The good news is that automobile insurance is one of the easiest types of policies you can buy. Especially online, Insurers can give you quotes as soon as you can complete their forms and place you on cover almost instantly. They don’t need to see you in person or get a doctor examine you. People can compare quotes, get car insurance online and print or download documents under an hour today.

You may be asking how long does it take to get car insurance coverage because you need to buy a policy for the first time or you are considering switching carriers. In either case, you should know that you can insure your car online as fast as you can process the information available to you. People like me may need to read everything three times before they can decide but your brain may work like a computer processor and it may take you minutes to make a choice.

How Long Does It Take to Get Auto Insurance?

From start to finish, car insurance shopping should take no more than an hour, and can be as fast as 10 minutes. However, you should spare at least couple of hours to cover the points below and look at your options properly.

1. Get the Right Coverage
Do you need insurance to drive right away? You can rush it and buy a policy in a few minutes either by phone or on the Internet. Or you could spend an hour or two and make sure that you get the best coverage at lowest price. The time difference would be only minutes. However, buying insufficient coverage could be hugely detrimental to your financial health. First thing you should do is to answer the question of how much protection do I need? Then, it is easier to know if you are purchasing enough coverage.

2. Don’t Do a Rush Job
If you don’t give yourself enough time you cannot run through all your options and come up with the best solution.

Many people accept high auto insurance quotes because they may have small blemishes with their driving record, credit score, zip code or listed drivers and think that is why they have to pay high premiums. However, 9/10 it is because they haven’t dedicated enough time to find the best insurer for their circumstances. So, make sure you spare enough time.

3. Find Out as much as You Can
Do you know everything you need to know about your policy coverage or insurer? Most people are shy to ask questions. You may be buying a policy online but that doesn’t stop you from asking questions. Most companies offer instant online chat option on their websites for the express purpose of answering your questions. Alternatively, you can call them. You probably have unlimited calls with your cell phone contract. Why not use it.

4. Consider Other Outlets
There are no compatibility issues between getting your quotes and buying vehicle insurance online, by phone, through a broker or agent. So, you can complete your purchase online if you are fully satisfied with your internet search. Or call a broker or a carrier direct to get more quotes or complete the purchase. The amount of time you want to spend is totally up to you. However, you can only take your time if you have enough time till your renewal. Therefore, you should start early.

Yes you can get a quick quote in 5 minutes and get auto insurance online. But are you really done with insuring your car or are you shooting yourself in the foot by buying something that is just not good enough and far too expensive?

One thing is for sure that is you wouldn’t be the first person to do it. According to this study about 30% of policyholders in the US bought their policy after getting only 1 quote. It can get worse. 40% of policyholders never check prices with alternative providers. So, you could shoot yourself in the other foot buy not comparing quotes at renewals once you buy your policy after the first quote.

However, you should know that policyholders can save $850 on average, according to the same study. Did you know average cost of car insurance in the US is $841. In other words, large numbers of policyholders are currently paying more than the double of what they should pay. If you think you are one of these policyholders you can correct it by checking rates with several companies.

Best Way to Shop for Car Insurance

You may have already checked for or bought a policy online or know that you can. If so, you wouldn’t probably dispute when we say the best way to shop is online through comparison websites. You don’t need to go looking for list of auto insurance companies in your state so that you can get quotes one by one anymore. Comparison websites bring large numbers of insurers in one place and let you pick the ones you want. Even better, some sites, like this one, facilitates you to get direct quotes from carriers you choose.

You may be pleased to know that it is pretty fast to get quotes and purchase automobile insurance online since you arrived to this page wanting to know the required time to get covered. Providing you have your coverage requirements, driving licenses and registration document handy, it takes about 5 minutes to get a quote online. Say you get 5 quotes. Then you spend 25 minutes or say half an hour for getting quotes. That will leave you another half an hour until the hour is up to make a choice and get the cover online. Even you take your time to get several quotes, you can buy your policy under an hour if you are in a hurry. So, you don’t need to panic-buy.

Today, large numbers of people are well connected on their mobile devices and they can get their policy sorted while they are waiting for their new car being prepared for purchase.

There is no problem with going down to an agent or broker on the high street and purchasing auto insurance from them, except you need to add the time it takes to get there and wait your turn in the line. Once it is your turn, they should be able to sort your policy, take the payment and issue your proof of insurance in less than one hour again.

There are at least one hundred insurers to choose from in any state. They may all appear to be similar and selling the same types of policies. However, each company is different from another in many ways, especially in price. If your are asking am I paying too high premium you can find out quickly by getting a few quotations. It is your job to find the best insurer, coverage and price. You can leave all the arrangements to your broker but it is your job to know what your policy covers and it is you who will pay for it.

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