Is It Worth Your Time to Compare Auto Insurance Quotes?

You may be able to reduce the premium about $500+ after an hour of comparison-shopping. Isn’t it worth the try even if you may not find cheaper rates this time? It is a major problem in the industry that people give up very easily in this process, even worse many policyholders go years without checking alternatives.

Various carriers, independent bodies and brokerages regularly survey their customers and find the same answers all the time. Nearly half of motorists are in the opinion that it is waste of time to shop around for more affordable automobile insurance. Maybe it is time to have a look if it is really the case or people are too lazy and looking for excuses to get out of it.

Motorists may find that trying to find better coverage for automobiles is a boring task and nearly ninety percent of them agree with this statement. However, you cannot help but wonder if they are finding excuses not to carry out this boring task. Perhaps we should Look at possible discounts and the process and see what conclusions we can arrive.

automobile insurance quotesMany companies in the industry constantly remind us that we can save money. They run large advertisement campaigns to deliver the message. Some of them have become so well known that they are regularly quoted. Almost every driver has heard “15 minutes could save you 15% on car insurance”. Another regularly used phrase is “you could save $500 or more”.  Of course “could” is the keyword here. Certainly you have a better chance if you are currently paying high premiums.

However, it is worth looking at the sentiment on both sides. Many motorists believe it is waste of time while a few vehicle insurers say that customers can save large sums. Granted that things may be exaggerated a bit but surely they must know something if they keep saying it.

General consensus dictates and recent surveys confirm that it takes about an hour to complete auto insurance comparison-shopping. It is definitely not long and you can sit through it even it is monotonous.

So, the question is; would it be worth your time considering you may not save any money as well? It is best to look at the process and main concerns people have about it. According to above-mentioned survey consumers are more likely to go through with comparison-shopping if below conditions are met. So, we could look at if those conditions are met when drivers are looking to insure cars at a lower premium. Here are the three aspects to look at;

Online Availability

Survey participants indicated that they don’t want to go from one store to another and they are more willing to check prices online. One thing is in abundant supply online is vehicle insurance quotes. There are plenty sources, including aggregators, brokerages and direct websites that it is easy to see this criteria is met.

Actually it is becoming more of a norm that you shop around on the internet when you are buying certain items and services. Airline tickets, hotel rooms, holidays and various policies can be counted in that list. Again, people buy all sorts of things through the Internet these days.

Easiness of the Process

Consumers said that they don’t want to seek out several different websites and happier if they can find the prices and terms on one or two websites. Availability of many car insurance comparison websites meets this requirement as well. Consumers can find a good site to look at what deals available in their zip code and choose to proceed to getting full quotes directly from the source. That is how our platform above works.

The good thing is that the final quotes would normally come from the carriers they choose. This increases the confidence in the prices received and willingness to provide the required details on the proposal forms. Each takes about 10 minutes that you can get about 5 under an hour.

Also, determining the level of coverage required beforehand and offering exactly the same particulars in each quote form makes it easier to compare the prices at the end. The key is to make sure you get the same coverage and assurance when you find a cheaper premium. Only then, you could say that you found a better deal.

Possibility of Large Savings

Time is money as they say and nobody would want to go for a wild goose chase. Motorists want to know if they could really economize. The fact is that there are so many discounts they can qualify. And each company offers different ones at varying levels. Therefore, you should look to find the one insurer who would give you the largest discounts.

Furthermore, you may be able to find better coverage even though the price difference may be negligible. Companies constantly update their policy packages to attract more customers by offering comprehensive policies at discounted rates. The chances of finding better coverage, cheaper premium and more reliable insurer are pretty high and you could really save as much as 50%.


How much anyone could save will depend on many factors like driving history, claims records, age, gender, credit score, zip code, type of automobiles and “dare to say” how well a person shops around.  Unless you are earning $500 an hour currently anyway, it is worth finding out how low the premium can go down.

Also, you need to remember that it is a repetitive expense and therefore, it makes more sense to find those deals as early as possible. Then, the damage won’t be as bad if you don’t look for prices anymore for the next couple of years.