I Need an SR22 but Don’t Own a Car

If you are asked to file this certificate it is because you lost your license due to causing an accident while uninsured, getting caught while drunk or driving recklessly. You may have lost it as a result of series of traffic tickets as well. Now, if you want it back you need SR22 insurance.

Do I need an SR-22 if I don’t have a car? Those are two different things in this context. Most people past their test even though they may not be needing it for some time yet. In this case, it is taken away and you want it back.

States usually require liability car insurance with SR22 certificate to reinstate a suspended driving license and/or comply with the filing order signed by a judge. They want to make sure that you have sufficient coverage next time you ride again and they want it regardless of you having an automobile or not. This requirement can only be satisfied by a confirmation from a carrier.

Non-owner SR-22

Even if you don’t own a vehicle you can still arrange liability. They are called non owners auto insurance and can provide the certificate required. Usually these are bought by people who;

  1. Need to comply with the filing orders or need it to get a suspended license back from DMV.
  2. People who occasionally drive other people’s or rental cars and want to obtain liability coverage to protect themselves.

In this case, you want it so that the provider can send the required document to local DMV. However, you can use it to rent cars or when you use other people’s auto once you get it.

Technically, there is no such thing. It may be referred as such because it is used for the purpose of complying with the filing rules. In other words, it is a plan that meets the guidelines. Consequently, authorities get the confirmation that you bought it in case you cause any injuries and damages to third parties with a vehicle.

You should keep in mind that non-owner policies don’t cover a vehicle you have, allocated for your regular use or one that is in your household. It provides a blanket liability for vehicles you may drive occasionally, but not regularly. These only come with third party and don’t offer any collision and comprehensive.

Anyone buying these should be aware of its limitations. As well as above, it may only cover a vehicle if the registered keeper’s policy isn’t enough. For example, if you borrowed someone else’s car and caused an accident the keeper’s policy will be the primary. Yours will provide secondary and kick in if the keeper’s is insufficient to pay for all the damages and injuries you caused. Again, there is no protection for the automobile you were riding.

Usually these are pretty cheap and therefore you should get at least 100/300/100 limits. You will need to pay a little bit more than a usual to include the cost of filing with the DMV and administration costs incurred by the carrier but this won’t increase the premium much.

Large number of companies including Progressive and Infinity offer these policies with SR 22. It is also called FR 44 in some states. If you decide to purchase a car at a later stage you can buy insurance for it with the certificate. Then, you don’t need to keep the other anymore.

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