Internet Connection in Cars Improve or Distract Driving?

Most things in life come with benefits & side effects. It is great to have the Internet in cars. Would you think that this would cause accidents & injure you? When you look at products like credit cards you may think that they are great inventions. What could be wrong with a large credit line that is available whenever you need? Unfortunately, people may not realize what they are for and start abusing. Card abuse can quickly turn into trouble to a point that it bankrupts you.

In the same way, we all get excited about new technologies in our automobiles. Wouldn’t it be great if you could receive the Internet, check e-mails and websites while you are in a car? Many people spend awful a lot of time on vehicles that they may need some of these comforts. Who would initially think that they would cause distractions and crashes?

Internet is used to get information about the road conditions and warn motorists. Satellite navigation works on a different kind of connection to the satellites in the sky and guides you through your route. They are already talking about cars communicating with each other and telling if there is a danger or congestion ahead. Self-driving automobiles are in the work and it is not in the distant future.

However, people need to be smart while they are using these magnificently convenient futures. The real problem is that we think we can multi-task but this is proven not to be the case especially when driving. We need to have our eyes on the road all the time when we are travelling seventy miles an hour. We cannot be reading e-mails, sending text and going online in the same time. If we do the outcome will usually be catastrophic in accidents, injuries and deaths.

Does it really matter that your auto is connected anymore for it to be dangerous. We all have devices that can connect to the web and do the same functions. For example, people are not buying GPS system for cars anymore since they can use phones for this task. As long as we have the means to get busy other than driving potential dangers are there.

Another question would be that is it the devices or people that are problematic? You may be very disciplined and can keep the cell in the pocket. But are you going to be safe if others sharing the same roads are not as sensible? Then, should we ban them all or allow some people? Should we develop a signal-jamming device for cars to stop people using phones and tablets? Then who is going to entertain the kids at the back seat when their gadgets are taken away?

Would the penalties and punishments for being engaged with distrusting devices solve the problem? How can they help authorities figure out such actions? The studies show that over sixty percent of drivers think nothing of texting while behind the steering wheel. And the numbers of people get caught and penalized is negligible that suggest it is difficult to police use of hand held instruments.

These problems are magnified when teenagers are involved. They are naturally daring and love cell-phones. To a point parents can download apps to control texting while teenagers are in the cars. But who is going to tell a grown up that it is not cool to engage in any other activities? The problems appear to be more than one and we are short of solutions for the moment.

We have many questions waiting for answers and the verdict is not clear-cut either way. This debate is probably going to go on for years. We have a few solutions already. For example, some cars are warning signals if they want to go online while driving. Also, there are ways of disabling them while the vehicle is in motion.

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