Is Being Married Advantageous for Auto Insurance?

Would married motorists get better car insurance rates than single ones? If that is the case would both partner benefit from similar discounts? Also, what is the best way of insuring automobiles owned separately by each partner when two becomes one? These questions will be answered below.

The short answer is that married people usually get cheaper car insurance rates. Automobile insurers must have fund statistical significance of being married when they look at historical claims data. They are generally considered more responsible compared to not hitched drivers. That is why companies like such policyholders and offer lower premium quotes.

Normally, the premiums would be lower for both partners if they have two separate cars. You can save money with multi-car policies where it is permitted by your state and sold by insurers. In some states, the owner of the car must be the person who buys insurance. You can probably sort those issues over time to make sure you can insure all your and your spouse’s cars under one policy.

However, how you want to set your automobile insurance policies is entirely up to you. Some couples prefer to have everything joint. But, there are know long married couples who still split the restaurant bills half. Whichever way you want to arrange your coverage there will be a solution. For example, if you don’t want to insure them jointly or under one policy you can still get discounts for buying all vehicle insurance policies in the household from the same insurer. You can save even more by bundling home and auto insurance policies.

In addition to people wanting to keep things separate, there can be legal issues as well. If you are keeping your assents separate you may want to keep insurance policies separate as well regardless of the savings. In some states, joint policy holders may be sued for damages that caused by either of them. You may be happy to be married to someone but not happy to be picking up the tab from liabilities claims.

When you have another people to be insured in your household you have more options to play around. You can try to insure the cars on your name, jointly or on your partner’s name. All these alternatives can result in different premium charge. Either you can use online auto insurance comparison sites or call a broker. If you call your current auto insurer directly they can do the calculations for you as well. These days it takes only minutes to get quotes.

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