Is It Wise to Exclude My Roommate from My Policy?

Question:My car insurance company took details of my roommate when I was getting quotes and included him on the policy automatically. I believe that is why I am paying too much premium. His driving history is not very good. He has a way of picking all sorts of traffic tickets. Can I and should I exclude him from my policy?

Answer: In some cases, companies may not allow you to do that. If they do there may be savings for you when you exclude a risky driver from your policy. But you must remember that in cases of emergencies your roommate would be the first person you ask to drive your car and take you wherever you must go. Excluding a driver off your policy means that you should never ever ask or allow that person to drive your car anymore.

In cases of people who live in the same household with you there is not a chance of considering them as occasional drivers. They are either in or out. They are either covered in your policy like most companies would insist or you specifically exclude them.

Generally, it is easier to exclude someone living with you from a policy if that person has own automobile and insurance policy in place. If you definitely don’t need or want him on your policy and your insurer doesn’t agree you may need to talk to other companies. Some companies may be happy to leave it up to you.

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