Is Excluding My Roommate from Car Insurance Policy Wise?

In cases of people who live in the same household with you there is not a chance of considering them as occasional drivers. They are either in or out. They are either covered like most companies would insist or you specifically exclude them, providing it is permitted.

Most proposal forms would ask about the existence of other drivers in the address and automobile insurers would include them in premium calculations. You have a certain level of obligation towards your children or spouse and you would probably grin and pay the additional premiums their bad record cause.

However, often people have roommates out of necessity to share the rent. Should they really include them on their auto insurance and cover the extra cost if they have bad records? Probably many people had this predicament. Why they are automatically counted in anyway.

In some cases, companies may not allow you to make a decision on that. If they do there may be savings for you when you can drop a risky person. But you must remember that in cases of emergencies your roommate would be the first person you ask to drive the car and take you wherever you must go. Excluding him or her off a policy means that you should never ever ask or allow that person to use the auto anymore.

Also, rates may be lowered if a roommate is more mature and experienced driver with clean history than you. Don’t assume anything and get a few quotes with and without and see how the rates are affected. You can play around with the details and get second or third round of vehicle insurance quotes online. Nobody will curse you for wasting their time or be funny with you. 

Generally, it is easier to exclude someone living with you from a policy if that person has own automobile and insurance in place. If you definitely don’t need or want him on the schedule and the current carrier doesn’t agree you may need to talk to others. Some may be happy to leave it up to you.

In addition, authorities should permit this option, as some states may prohibit such practices. Then, it is not optional at all and you need to keep such person on. Perhaps they may agree to contribute to the premium if they are using it as well.

Also, there may not be any restriction in state legislations and yet it may not be possible in certain zip codes. The reason for that is that there may be a court ruling in the state that considered such exclusions unenforceable. For example, there have been incidents where such a driver got hold of the keys and crashed the car. The company naturally didn’t pay the claim because of the obvious reason. But the court ruled out that such people couldn’t be left out because the keys would always be available to them regardless.

So, there isn’t one straight answer that applies throughout the US. You need to check with one or two agents and they will be able to tell you the position pretty quickly. 

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