Is This Collision or Comprehensive Coverage Matter?

Question: I was driving on the highway behind a truck carrying some sort of fruit cases. One of them was lose and flew of the truck right in front of me. I hit the case rather than trying to avoid it on a busy highway where I don’t know who is next to me. Luckily, it hit the bumper and went under. I am told that the bumper and few small scratches can be repaired for $900. My auto insurance company told me that it is a Collision claim. My deductible is $500 for Collision that makes it on the border to claim for $400 or not.

I think it should be a Comprehensive Coverage claim since it was an accidental damage caused by a flying object hitting my automobile. This is a flying object hitting my car rather than I crash onto it. The reason I am upset is that my Comprehensive Coverage deductible is only $200 and I can make a claim for $700 and hope that it would go down as small no fault claim.

The truck just disappeared in distance when I had to slow down, stop and check my car. So, there is not much hope there to make a claim on their policy. I don’t expect my insurer change mind on their assessment but what do you think this should be classified as?

Answer: Usually Comprehensive Coverage covers moving objects like falling tree branches, bricks off the building or stone rolling off the cliff. These are considered act of God and out of human control. It is hard to consider the case falling off the wagon. I can see why they think it is collision as it has human error in it. In the same way, I understand your reasoning too. It is a hard one.

I don’t know if you are implying that auto insurance company deliberately pushing you to the type of coverage with higher deductible or not by telling you it is Collision. But, I doubt it would be the case.

It really is a tough one. I would go with comprehensive purely because it is an object hitting your automobile. Should it really matter if the object was airborne because of strong wind or because if fell of a truck. In the same way, how about if it fell off the top of a building, that would be comprehensive coverage issue regardless of your car being stationary or on the move.

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