Best and Worst Car Insurance Companies for Paying Claims

People buy vehicles because they don’t want to be dependent on public transport and others for commuting or social activities. They just want to get on it and go wherever and whenever they want. In some cases, people may not even have the option of going with public transport to their jobs. It is unquestionable that most households cannot do without their automobiles. They have tight schedules and it would be disrupted if anything happened to their autos. It is important to seek out the best insurance companies for claims and avoid the ones with the worst records when you are highly dependent on your car and your routine would be seriously disrupted without it.

Most insurance companies would settle a claim sooner or later but it may not be good enough for you. It is only natural that you want them to attend your vehicle repairs or send you the payment for a totaled automobile as soon as possible. Car insurance companies don’t gain any notable benefit from sitting on a claim. They have to deal with more angry calls from customers, handle extra paperwork and pay more money to claims handlers and others looking into them. If they have to pay anyway at the end why upset policyholders, right?

Unfortunately, insurers can be arrogant and disorganised in the same time. Then, they would not know where to start to fix their organisational problems. If you are dealing with a corporate attitude that does not see much of a problem keeping you waiting you would better replace that car insurer. For example, you may have to wait on the phone for more than ten minutes at best of the times with some insurers to talk about your claim. This is a good sign that they don’t have your best interest in heart and the same attitude would spread throughout their operation.

The Best Auto Insurance Companies for Paying Claims

Luckily most insurers are a lot better in dealing with customer concerns and claims. Insurance is a promissory contract and you want to trust the reliability of the promisor. When you find a reliable and reputable insurer your work would be cut in half in case you have to make a claim.

That is why it pays off checking for the top 10 auto insurance companies for paying claims and see if they will give you an acceptable quote. If one of these companies come back with a good price you can buy your policy with peace of mind.

Alternatively, you can look for negative press and reviews on companies that are in your price range. We love to find the best coverage and insurer but this desire may clash with our other desire of finding cheaper auto insurance.

While most companies are happy to discuss all your options with you, few of them may push as far as bullying their policyholders. Have you ever been in a situation where you know you can take your car to your preferred mechanic for repairs after accidents but your insurer is trying to push you towards their authorized repair shops? You see these pushy and mouthy people who do not seem to listen to what you are saying but stay on their agenda tightly. That is exactly what you do not want when you need their help.

What you need is a company that will deal with your claims and repairs effectively and get you back on the road. This is not too much to ask from a vehicle insurer when you have been paying premiums all along without messing them around.

The premiums may not be much different between a company that is caring and another that cares about only their pockets. Shop around carefully and do not hesitate to ask questions or test their customer service before buying a policy. This will save you a lot of hassles if you ever have a claim.

Worst Auto Insurance Companies for Paying Claims

As mentioned above, there are a few companies that don’t hesitate naming best insurance companies for paying claims. However, most people or websites aren’t keen to name the worst insurance companies for paying claims. However, The American Association for Justice, which is a nonprofit organization lobbying for plaintiff’s lawyers in the United States, has no problem with naming names. You can find their full report on worst car insurance companies in the US.


They name 10 worst insurance companies in the report but not all of them sell vehicle insurance. Yet, you can still see at least 5 worst car insurance companies, according to American Association for Justice in this report. We will stick with the tradition of not naming the worst auto insurance companies on this website. And we chose not to name them because it is best to read the full report and we cannot say that we know enough to agree or disagree with it.

Again, please keep in mind that the report don’t specifically look at vehicle insurance. They look across a range of insurance fields, including homeowners, auto, health, life, and disability insurers. And they look at various lines of insurance products in terms of evaluating each insurer.

Perhaps you should keep in mind what American Association for Justice stand for while reading the report. Isn’t it expected of large insurance companies listed in this report to put up the best legal defence on their behalf and make plaintiff’s lawyers’ job difficult?

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