Keyless Push Button Start System and Car Thieves

We don’t get much surprised anymore when we see amazing technologies. It is what we come to expect in a fast developing world. It has been a few years now that there are these keyless automobiles. You press the button to get them started but you need to have the fob nearby to do so. It could be in a handbag or jacket pocket, it will still start.

When these were developed companies probably thought they were pretty smart and these cars cannot be stolen easily. But thieves find a way to get around most sophisticated security systems these days. The real problem is not the innovations or smart thieves. It is people who leave common sense aside and rely on technology or chance to keep their possessions safe. Today one of the most common reason for auto theft is the keys left on the vehicle or in the open.

This suggests more of a crime of opportunity rather than complicated planning. Bored to death youngsters cannot resist a car that is left to their mercy. It is a challenge for them and they have to be up to it by taking it for a spin. So, whatever security features are installed on the automobile you should still maintain vigilance to stay safe and keep it in your possession.

It really is disappointing to lose a vehicle to criminals or joy riders. Also, it is highly inconvenient especially when you discover it when you are about to depart for work. Then there are plenty paperwork to go through and claim forms to fill. You should never leave personal information on autos. This could quickly escalate to identity theft as well.

Is It Easy to Break into Keyless Cars?

They work on a computer technology with a chip inserted in them. The codes within will only match the car it is made for. So, whoever wants these vehicles needs to get their hands on these. Alternatively, they need to replicate the code and trick the computer system in the car. It is a bit more sophisticated but it is doable, apparently. Here are several ways they can access the information needed.

Usual Fraudulent Attempts: These are not like the old ones where you could take it to a locksmith and get it copied. However, it may still be easy to get them reproduced if you know what you are doing. The information stored in the fob is also stored in the dealership database just in case the owner lose it. So, they can access to that information or manage to convince the dealership that they are producing it for the real owner. Essentially, they may need to get hold of VIN details and owner’s address.

The Obvious Methods: Stealing the key is the obvious method. Every day, you may leave it to valet services or at the gym locker. Since it is an electronic device they can access and copy the codes using smart gadgets. You wouldn’t be the wiser that someone else has access to your vehicle as well.

The other day, I have seen a video recorded by a home security in which it took two men to break into a brand new Mercedes parked in front of a house and off they went. They had a little gadget in their hands and they approach to the window of the house with it. It appears that it copies the access code from the fob inside and transfers it to this device, which then can be used to access the vehicle just like the owner. This goes to show you cannot be too careful any more and it makes sense to have an extra measure in place. Perhaps you need an old fashioned immobiliser that goes across the steering wheel and requires an old style key to throw a monkey wrench at these techie thieves’ plans.

Hacking: Thieves can develop or use computers to hack into the auto and re-program it. This would mean that they now own it to make it do anything they want. This requires a bit sophisticated tools and may mean that you are dealing with a professional auto thief. Every solution we come up with potentially has downside as well.

These key systems are believed to be safer than the traditional one. Experts confirm that the methods used by criminals are not widespread. Nonetheless, you should consider additional security to lower the risks. Most of these new model automobiles come with alarm and immobilizer already that provide extra peace of mind.

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