List of Auto Insurance Companies

Majority of drivers have confusingly many choices when it comes to finding a company to insure their automobiles. In fact, there are over 200 of them in the US according to J.D. Power. Even the states with the least number of firms have around 100 of them selling auto policies. However, people don’t just look for a list of car insurance companies. They look for a list of the cheapest, best, most trusted, largest, mutual ones, local carriers and the list goes on. We have been compiling various lists here for a while and it is probably time to provide the ultimate list of auto insurance companies lists now.

The Ultimate List of Cheap Car Insurance Companies

Your premium can be substantially lower when you find the most affordable insurers in your area and compare quotes. In some states the premium quoted for the same coverage can be as much as 8 times different between the cheapest and most expensive carriers. You don’t want to leave it to luck for the fear of ending up with the most expensive one. Perhaps, you are on this website to find out the companies with cheapest auto insurance. It is in our domain name after all.

We have been coming across a few insurers being mentioned as cheaper in various studies and surveys. So, we put them together to make our list of car insurance carriers with low rates below. It is in no particular order and depending on what type of a driver and where you live some of these carriers should give you affordable quotes.

State Farm Progressive Nationwide
Liberty Mutual Travelers Farmers
Farm Bureaus GEICO Allstate
Auto-Owners Hartford Mercury
American Family USAA Unitrin

Furthermore, to do justice to our name, we have spent a bit of time to bring you an extensive list of cheap auto insurance companies in every state. This list offers you the cheapest three insurers in your state based on quotes for a typical middle-aged driver. Three may not be an extensive list of companies to get quotes from but it is a good start.

The Cheapest Automobile Insurance Firms Based on Driver Profiles

This list is similar to the above in the sense that it identifies the cheapest insurers again but this time it is based on driver types. Expectedly, companies do profile drivers. Depending on their risk tolerance they either encourage or discourage certain drivers by adjusting their quotes accordingly. For example, not every insurer is keen on high risk drivers. Therefore it becomes necessary to find insurers that are not afraid of insuring high and nonstandard risks if you are either one of them and want affordable quotes. This brings us to our next list.

High Risk Car Insurance Companies List

Most companies want an arm and a leg to insure a high risk driver. Certainly, some high risk drivers are worse than the others. For example, young drivers may be the highest risk category but they can usually get competitive quotes from the best or largest companies as well as the specialist insurers. On the other hand, drivers with DUI conviction may find that a few companies would refuse to provide a quote or give a “piss-off” quote that has hardly any chance of being accepted.

Then, sometimes you may struggle to find affordable coverage because you are not a standard applicant. For example, you may be sharing your apartment with someone who has an international driver licence and don’t understand why insurers are making a big deal out of it. You may find that you need a specialist nonstandard insurer in such cases and you can find the list of non standard auto insurance companies as well as high risk carriers by following the link.

Best Car Insurance Providers based on Customer Satisfaction

Companies like J.D. Power & Associates regularly rank insurance and other financial services providers based on various factors. We have looked at one of those rankings based on Customer Satisfaction and compiled our findings under 11 distinct regions in the US. So, here is an extensive list of best car insurance companies wherever you live.

You can find out how each of those carriers faired in the study. You can also read more about the methodology and what it is based on. When it comes to ranking providers there is probably nothing better than customer satisfaction and therefore this list is worth checking. Again, we have listed only the top 3 companies but you can supplement the list with the companies that make the other lists.

Top 10 Auto Insurance Providers for Claim Satisfaction

What better way of ranking insurers than their claim payment history? This list is based on responses J.D. Powers received from over 10,000 actual automobile policyholders who settled a recent claim. There is no doubt that claim satisfaction is a very import data when buying vehicle insurance. It doesn’t mean that you are planning on making a claim but you don’t want to be messed around if you have one. After all, why would you buy insurance if you believe there is no chance of you making a claim?

You may not always get the best prices from companies with good claims records. Then, you may want to check the claim records of the companies that offered you cheap quotes. You can always check this information through your states insurance department or just ask the agent. It is not as secret as it sounds. There is actually a list of worst car insurance companies prepared by American Association for Justice. You might want to have a quick look at it and see if you would agree with it based on what else you have heard and read.

Top 5 Car Insurance Companies with National Presence

Some people may take extra comfort from the fact that their carrier is not just local but it is a large national corporation. This list ranks the nationally available carriers using several customer satisfaction metrics. This is for people who don’t just want a big, strong and reputable company but also want this company to be highly recommended by its customers.

10 Largest Auto Insurance Firms in the US

This is a list of big 10 based on market share. In other words, it is the list of companies with the highest policy sales. The general logic here is that these companies cannot be this popular if their policies weren’t pretty good, prices affordable and come with good service and claim payment history. Actually, most of these companies have a pretty satisfactory claim payment record. They pay 60 – 70% of premiums collected back out to motorists with claims. In addition several of these companies are mutual insurers if you prefer mutual firms.

Wikipedia has a list of insurance providers too but it hasn’t classified which companies offer vehicle insurance. At list it shows that there are plenty choices.

There are many reasons why people choose the carriers they do. And there are people who cannot tell you why they chose their current insurer. They just took the first quote they got and never looked at alternatives, not then and not since. There is no guarantee that you will get it 100% right but you can only try. Perhaps, these tips on how to compare vehicle insurance carriers help.

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