These Car Noises Require Immediate Attention

Listening in for noises and watching for signs would allow motorists to nip an issue in the bud. They won’t just go away if you ignore them or turn the radio up and they will only get worse if not fixed. It could be a simple adjustment or start of a problem that can be solved easily and cheaply in the early¬†stages. It could even be as simple as adding a little lubricant or tightening a screw. Leaving it alone can cause big and expensive problems and even accidents, which in turn will increase car insurance rates.

Maintenance is an essential part of owning and driving a vehicle. Like we need food and drink they need maintenance and regular oil change. The most common of these issues are brakes and tires. You need them to stop in time or stir away from a crash. They can be checked visually or by a mechanic in a few minutes. Wipers and lights are the other areas requiring regular check and replacement.

Here are a few points and noises to pay attention to.

1. A hissing or sizzling under the hood may be a sign of water or coolant leakage. You should pay extra attention when you are opening the hood as there may be steam spraying and you may get burnt. If it is a pipe leakage it can be solved by replacing it. It can be costly if the radiator is leaking. There is a high chance your vehicle will stall shortly. Water is used by the cooling systems and you may have an engine burn out or even a fire when you run on low or no water.

2. Any knocking coming from the engine can be the indication that something is broken or loose inside. You will have to take it to the mechanic and start praying that it will not cost you a small fortune. If you still have any warranty on the vehicle this may cover the damages on the engine. Many cars come with a three-year warranty these days.

3. Loud sound followed by steering difficulties and imbalances is indication of a blown-out tire. Try to slow without steering wildly if you are going fast. Hopefully, you have a spare ready to change.

4. Squeaking when braking is a sign most of us recognize. This may not be a sign of imminent emergency but a problem that can be fixed quickly and economically. Getting your brake pads checked and replaced if necessary usually solves it. If you ignore this squeaking it may turn out to be scraping noise indicating that the brake pad is gone and now the wheel is scraping the metal of the rim. Then, it is unlikely that your brake system will work efficiently enough to prevent a crash. At least, keep a long distance from the cars in front until it is dealt with.

5. Rattling under the car is an indication that there is a problem with the exhaust. One of the mufflers may be lost and the exhaust is now loose. Or it may be time to change it if it is more like an engine noise and it is followed by smoke because there may be a hole in it. Another option is to get it welded if the part is expensive.

6. Grinding when changing gear is a sign there is wear and tear within the box. Generally, it is not easy to repair them unless you change the box completely. This is a costly mechanical issue and you may need to think about if it is worth carrying out on older automobiles. It may be time to look for a new vehicle, rather than investing in the old one depending on its age and value.

These problems cannot be left alone and hope that they will disappear on their own. They will only get worse and definitely cause serious issues or stall the engine in the most unfortunate place or time.