Missouri Auto Insurance

This Midwestern state is the 21st most extensive and the 18th most populous in the US. It has a typical density with six million residents. Although half of them reside in two large cities it is the same in most regions. Drivers can enjoy cheap Missouri car insurance quotes because it isn’t heavily occupied to cause congestion, accidents, and high vehicle related crimes in most parts.

Living costs don’t appear to be too bad. Uninsured Drivers in the state are in line with the national average. It is one of the few states requiring mandatory Uninsured Drivers Coverage. It is actually quite surprising that many others don’t follow suit in this area since it is a good provision to have.

The Show Me State lies at the intersection of the three greatest rivers of North America, with the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers near St. Louis, and the confluence of the Ohio River with the Mississippi. It comprises 114 counties and the independent city of St. Louis.

Missouri Auto Liability Laws

Missouri in PicturesHere are the minimum requirements;

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $10,000 for property damage.

In terms of uninsured motorist coverage, drivers must have:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury per person.
  • $50,000 for bodily injury per accident

You can check these details and more on their website, which is very helpful.

If you want to get cheap vehicle insurance quotes in Missouri you need to know all the discounts you can get. And find a company that will give you the highest savings for your positive attributes. You can count at least thirty different discounts available to deserving motorists. It is unlikely that you can qualify for all of them. Nonetheless, qualifying for a handful of large ones can ensure lower premiums.

So, it is no joke at all to look for more affordable policies. Even though you may have one or two blemishes in your record you can still get affordable premiums if you shop attentively. You should start with reading through some of the blogs like ours and get a few tips. Then, you should stay on and get a few automobile insurance quotes, which will offer you plenty insight into the thinking of underwriters. If they like what they see they would offer great prices. Otherwise, they will be quick to tell you by offering pretty high quotes that they are not interested.

The secret is that you should know some companies will be keen to do business while one or two may not want to take on the chance. You shouldn’t be offended with any of them as the current carrier wouldn’t be offended if you find a better deal and want to switch. It is important to understand that your and their interest should be aligned if both parties would be happy with the deal. They will have a risk assessment process to determine your suitability for their policies. And you should do your own homework as to which company will offer you a good deal and would you be happy with them. Otherwise, you would just be hoping that it would work out miraculously.

Many motorists make the mistake of feeling sentimental ties to a particular vehicle insurer. You should remember that it is a business transaction where you pay the premium and they promise to compensate the losses defined in the policy, should that ever be required. If company A cannot provide the security you are seeking at a reasonable price there will be another one that is up to the challenge. You will find the ideal one with the help of the Internet in no time if you keep looking until you do.

Average Auto Insurance Costs in Missouri

Average premium expenditure is $704, which is $137 cheaper than the US figure. This is the median spending that includes all types of policies. Another study estimates that a typical middle-aged applicant with no claim or traffic ticket can get cheap full coverage for around $1,056 on average. Again, it is $269 lower than the US number.

You can get affordable rates from the majority of them if you have a good record, high credit score and drive a fairly safe and low risk automobile. Above figures are good to use as benchmarks. You will spend a little bit more if you have a speeding ticket or an accident on record. They usually disappear from records or companies start ignoring them after three years.

Another important factor that affects rates is the providers who calculate prices. Depending on your choice you can pay as much as twice more or half the premium. That is why it is very important to do a proper search and choose it well.

Competitive Car Insurers in Missouri 

There are many ways of finding the cheapest ones in a zip code. One of these is to find a source online that publishes them for you like below. These names will be very handy for you when you are shopping around. You should start with these companies but there is no way of knowing that they will offer you the best rates.

They may not be happy with your record, credit score, the type of vehicle you have or one of the listed drivers may be too young for their liking. They may even quote you pretty high because of the zip code. Each has preferences and every applicant is totally different from the next one. That is why you should get a few quotes and see which ones offer the best prices.

  1. Farmers, $290
  2. Electric, $320
  3. Auto-Owners, $368

There aren’t huge variations in premiums among the cities. Most fall nicely inline with the median figures, except Kansas City and St. Louis.

Automobile Insurance in Kansas City and St. Louis, MO

These are the two largest cities by far with $475,000 and $315,000 population. However, they are not cosmopolitan and this may save drivers living in these cities from more expensive charges. Nevertheless, rates in both Kansas City and St. Louis are about 30% higher than the rest. Looking at their size the gap may be even larger since they appear to be pulling the average up.