Buying a Car Insurance Policy with Multiple Drivers

Typically, insurers want to know who else has a driving license in a household and they include them in auto insurance. Depending on your state and insurer you may not have a saying in the matter. People living in the same house are assumed having access to the insured vehicle and therefore carriers like to take their details into account as well when they give you a quote. They are usually family members but it could be your roommate too.

Sometimes, this could increase your premium a lot when you have a young or high risk driver in your household. However, most families don’t have much choice since their teenage son or daughter needs/wants to drive the family automobile. Nevertheless, there are cases in which you may be allowed to exclude a driver in the family from your policy. You can find out more by following the link.

Can Several Drivers Be on the Same Insurance Policy?

You can add drivers to your policy even if they don’t live with you. It is safer to list them, especially if they are close to you like a boyfriend/girlfriend/sibling and often get your car keys. Standard policies usually include occasional drivers but they are the people who may operate your automobile on the off chance and not have everyday access. Besides, having them listed on the schedule makes sure that they are insured for driving the auto without a doubt.

Often several people drive one vehicle on a regular basis. Regardless of who owns the car it is a good practice to add drivers onto the policy when their use is more than occasional. Generally, every addition will increase the premium. But it may reduce as well especially in the case of a younger vehicle owner adding an older and more experienced driver onto his policy.

How Multiple Driver Car Insurance Premiums Are Calculated

Obviously every insurer has own way of coming up with a quote but most companies differentiate between primary and secondary drivers. Primary driver is the person who drives the car more often than other listed drivers. You need to be honest about it and not choose the person who is cheaper to insure as the main user. If the insurers find out that you are fronting for an expensive to insure person by falsely saying you are the main user you may be in trouble because it is an insurance fraud.

Usually, main driver’s details weigh more than others even though you need to provide driving and claim history of every driver listed on a policy. However, including a teenager can easily double your family car’s insurance premium. It is because mature parents are usually good drivers and teenagers are likely to crash cars. Yet, including a young person on a family policy would be much cheaper than getting him his own car and policy.

Some insurers may actually base their premium on the details of the riskiest driver listed. That is why you need to get several quotes to compare costs. In any case, you shouldn’t buy insurance without getting at least three quotes.

Is Multiple Drivers Policy Different from Multi-car Policy?

So far this post covers insuring several people on one policy driving one car. If you own or have more than one vehicle in the family you may look into purchasing a muti-vehicle policy that is covered separately on this site. It can save you some money, in comparison to insuring each auto separately.

There are many ways of economically insuring automobiles. You should take your time to figure out what type of coverage you need and who needs to be insured. Then, you should shop for the best deals since you can potentially save hundreds of dollars. Our quote box above can help you find what you are looking for.

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