How to Get Cheap Insurance for New Cars

Motorists can get carried away and make a rush decision when they are smitten with a shiny new ride they have just seen. The thing is that there are so many choices and buying one instead of the other can mean lower costs for fuel, maintenance and insurance. So, they should take their time and do a little bit of research. The viewpoint they should take is that the vehicle they liked would still be there a few days later but it would be harder and costly to replace a new purchase when they realize they made a mistake.

There are a few essential points to be mindful of. The first one is who is going to drive it because it could make a huge difference when there is a teenage driver in the household. Secondly, engine size and speed capabilities are the key factors when auto insurance premiums are calculated. Thirdly, people may not realize but the general function of it and what type of people choose a certain automobile is important. For example, minivans are cheaper to insure because usually they are bought by families, who are considered low risk.

From time to time there is conflicting information about which automobiles would attract lower premiums. There are no hard and fast rules but we can answer a few questions by generalizing the responses you would get from underwriters in relation to a choice of automobile. As usual we cannot ignore the value, model, type, safety and security features when we consider rates.

Change of vehicle on an insurance policy would affect rates when the change is considerable. So here are a few points to keep in mind when you are shopping for a new vehicle and like to keep policy costs at bay.

  1. Let’s say you had a typical sedan and now you have a two-door sports car. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the premiums suddenly shoot up to twice the amount. When the chance of an accident increases because of speed, rates will follow. The ones with large engine sizes and SUVs are other types; vehicle insurers are not happy much and charge higher rates. The good news is that many manufacturers make similar models with different engine sizes that give motorists a few options. And there are cheap to insure SUVs in the market if it is your thing.
  2. Actually, there may be nothing special about your latest model automobile and certainly nothing like a sports car or 4×4. And yet you can still face large automobile insurance increases because it is easy to steal. People may think that Porsche and BMW are the most stolen cars. However, it was the Honda Civic that was topping the lists for most stolen autos for years. Why, because it is a child’s play to break into. It is best to avoid them. You don’t want to be dealing with an auto theft any time soon anyway. You just have to look at the statistical figures because even a vehicle with the latest security can be easy to break in because thieves use technology as well these days.
  3. You should pay attention to how safe your latest vehicle is. This is important for two reasons. First of all, they protect you and your family better in cases of accidents. They reduce death and injuries substantially. Even simple features like advanced seat belts and air bags can be the difference between surviving a crash and not making. Secondly, safer autos qualify for discounts.
  4. It becomes even more important to get a few quotes first when you are purchasing it for a teenage driver. They are already high risk and have to pay a lot more. So, it is best not to aggravate the problem and buy cheap to insure cars for teenagers.
  5. The best thing to do is to get several quotes before investing and see if underwriters like the car you like. At the end you may not make a decision based on quotes but it will help you understand the position and you will be prepared for what is coming. You don’t want to spend all your money and realize that you need a small fortune for a policy as well.

One of the most effective ways of getting cheap rates is to find a vehicle that has a lower insurance rating score, which is determined after taking many points into account and this information is readily available to check. The difference in costs can be as much as twice between considered high risk and fairly safe one.

Many people prefer smaller and lower policy cost cars especially in the cities and expensive zip codes. Having a smaller car means that you have a smaller engine that makes it easier to control. Powerful engines allow motorists to speed much quickly and drive much faster. That is why possible accidents are likely to be more serious with loss of life and material damages.

Furthermore, automobiles with smaller engines and body are preferred by city residents because it is easy to park and economical to run. On the other hand, Large and powerful automobiles can be a real problem in the hands of younger, less experienced drivers in terms of accidents and coverage. Younger drivers mainly look at beauty and prestige when they want an auto. However, costs and practicality should always be included in considerations.

Personal choices will affect what type of an auto is picked at the end. However, there is no harm in looking to see if you can get cheap insurance for a new vehicle you love. You can have everything you want with your purchase. But you need to be prepared to spend a few hours in front of a laptop checking and comparing details of various choices and for test-drives. People usually keep vehicles for several years. You don’t want to be paying high premiums during that time for the latest model car you picked because you haven’t done the research carefully.