Cheap Car Insurance in Ohio

Ohio is one of the cheapest states for car insurance and living cost is cheap too. However, this shouldn’t make you complacent because you can end up paying 3 times more if your insurer is one of the most expensive insurers in the Buckeye State. Finding a competitive automobile insurer in OH can save you a lot of money and this post can help you in locating those insurers.

When you live in a more affordable region you can enjoy life a bit more since your money go a bit further. Living in large cities and heavily populated parts of the US is harder as residents usually pay much higher rent, insurance and a few other expenses. Regardless of where you live you should try to find the best deals in your area. When you have a limited budget last thing you want to do is waste money.

Considering the lower rates in the state, it is surprising to see 16% Uninsured Drivers, which is higher than most other states and national average (14%). This figure shows that there are a few motorists who cannot afford to buy even the basic liability cover. Some may choose not to buy the coverage but most people wouldn’t go without coverage if they could afford it.

Ohio Car Insurance Laws and Requirements

Minimum liability coverage limits are;

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $25,000 for property damage. 

Cheap Car Insurance in OhioYou can check state website for further updates and information and search through it for the answers you are looking for.

Regardless of how high number of uninsured drivers are in your state you should consider buying Uninsured Drivers coverage because it covers hit and run cases as well. Furthermore, you should remember that basic liability policies don’t provide any protection for your vehicle. You need to buy Collision and Comprehensive Coverage to insure your automobile properly. There are a few more covers you could include within your policy but you need to get the essentials in first. The most and largest losses can be covered by liability, collision and comprehensive covers.

If you are worried about the costs you can find out how much you need to pay for different types of covers. You may be surprised to find out how affordable full coverage auto insurance policies can be. There are a few companies who are trying hard to offer good coverage and affordable prices in nifty packages. You should look for those insurers who offer lower priced in Ohio as well as providing great coverage. Only then you can say that you have a great deal.

How Much Is Car Insurance in Ohio

One of the best ways of determining if you are paying too high premium is to look at state average premium expenditure which is $659. It is nearly $200 cheaper than the US average. This figure is determined by looking at the average premium expenditure. Depending on how much auto insurance you need you may pay a bit more or less. For example, if you need full coverage you should be looking at $900 average as benchmark.

Furthermore, your driving skills and experience will determine how much you need to pay for your premium. If you have a few traffic tickets you will probably pay a bit more than the average. Recent accident claims affect your rates substantially too. You can find out how much does insurance go up after an accident? Furthermore, your age, gender, zip code and credit score affects rates too. If you are paying a lot more than the above averages you can look into those factors and see if you can remove some of the obstacles. For example, it may only take reducing your credit card balances to improve your credit score.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Ohio 

It appears to be pretty uniform in terms of premium costs across the state. The rates are quite similar across the state including large cities of Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo. The below companies are the most competitive in OH. Therefore you should get quotes from them before getting a few more from the usual suspects. The leading companies were further down in the list but this ranking can quickly change by the time you read this post. That is why it is better to spend a few minutes more to get some more quotes in order to make a proper comparison.

  1. Motorists Mutual, $273
  2. Erie, $290
  3. Grange Mutual, $324
  4. Cincinnati Insurance, $339
  5. Westfield, $348

Many motorists in the USA think that they are getting the best deals from their current insurers. However, they come to this conclusion without checking alternative quotes. One of the reasons for this is that they want to believe they are being offered the best rates. This belief eliminates the necessity to figure out how to get discounts on vehicle insurance. You cannot get the best deals if you don’t bother to check for them.

Recent studies show that large numbers of motorists don’t bother checking for alternative quotes at renewals. About 40% of the participants believe that they cannot save more than $100 and that is why it isn’t worth their time. However, the study concludes that motorists can save on average nearly 50% if they shop around. This translates to over $800 savings, which isn’t small change by most people’s standard. There are other 30 different methods to save on auto insurance. But none of them as easy or rewarding as shopping around for the best quotes.

You shouldn’t make rush decisions or auto renew your policy until you confirm that you are really being treated well right now. It is best that they are disappointed because you found a better deal and decided to leave. It is better than you get disappointed because you are kept in your old rates while new applicants are getting the best prices and most innovative policies.

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