10 Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance for Seniors

Life can sometimes throw surprises like an increase on automobile insurance for seniors after a certain age (usually 70). Interestingly, the reasons for these hikes in premiums are similar to why teenagers get high rates. The statistical significance of too many older drivers involving in accidents is not ignored by underwriters and you should not ignore them too.

With the age progressing people can have problems with handling several operational functions. Denying these issues doesn’t really help anybody. Struggling with braking, steering, manoeuvring in time and having blurred vision are some of the problems. However, there are a few positive things going for older motorists so they can still enjoy driving and cheap auto insurance. Here are ten points to help you stay safe and keep getting low rates.

  1. Self-Policing

Elder couple drivingOne of the main differences between a junior and senior driver is that the latter have plenty of life experience. They can handle affairs a lot better in light of circumstances. They manage activities very efficiently. They avoid traveling late at night and during rush hours. These are the times you are most likely to be involved in a crash that is painful, costly and dents confidence. Self-policing is an effective way of staying out of troubles that affect mature driver vehicle insurance.

  1. Monitor Medical Conditions

One of the main problems is the weakened vision. Everybody should have an eye test at least once a year but this should be increased to every six months after a certain age. In addition, it is no use if you are not going to use glasses. You should at least get two pairs so that you could keep one in the vehicle and always make sure to wear it.

You may actually get into serious troubles with authorities and the automobile insurer if you are found to have caused an accident in which you weren’t wearing the necessary aids like hearing aids and glasses. Also, you should know the side effects of medicines and refrain from operating motor vehicles when they are making you drowsy.

  1. Stay Active

Above mentioned concerns may be related to ageing. However, it is worth mentioning that even young people who are not practicing enough can suffer similar symptoms of tiredness and drowsiness. It is essential to keep active and exercise. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a couple of hours of grilling sessions in the gym every day. It could be taking leisurely walks or doing sports like golf. Even doing a few simple hands, feet and joint movement practices when you are watching television can help you a lot.

  1. Importance of Driving

It is not just about getting from one place to another. It is about maintaining mobility and independence. When you don’t watch out you can quickly get involved in too many incidents that cause concern when you want to arrange older motorist car insurance. You may lose confidence behind the wheel or it may not be fun anymore. Furthermore, several claims would result in high premiums that increase financial burden.

It is important to mind and improve before it becomes a problem. A few simple changes can make it fun again and keep you safe. For example, making adjustments in the automobile like getting better seats to keep you comfortable can help you stay pain free and focused.

  1. Brush Up on Driving

You passed the license test a good few years ago. It may be time to brush up on the rules and a few skills. There are a few recognized courses, especially for over 55s. They generally teach how to be defensive on the roads. What that means is that you learn certain dangers and be on the lookout for them in order to reduce accidents.

Turning at junctions, joining to fast moving motorways and seeing the dangers ahead are some of the issues that can be managed successfully if you are aware of them. The good news is that you will be able to get about a 10% discount once the course is completed successfully.

  1. Low Mileage Discounts

You can claim low mileage insurance discounts when you are not using the vehicle as much. Many don’t commute to work or they are not actively involved with their businesses anymore. In addition, they don’t take long road trips as well and stick to shorter distances in general. Most companies offer better quotes for owners who don’t use cars a lot.

  1. Senior Motorist Discounts

Experience is always a valuable asset to have and you should make good use of it and get the best insurance for good drivers. These savings can be as high as 30% when you have a long, clean record. In addition, you should remember that some companies like the Hartford offer special rates for people over 50. You should try to find them by getting several quotes and comparing. This is the quickest way of confirming the availability of any deal.

Furthermore, you should make sure that you have accident forgiveness cover to protect no claim discounts. Policyholders with about 5 years clean records should be able to have this cover at a reasonable cost. When you are switching make sure that the new insurer offers this protection, too.

  1. Buy an Appropriate Car

After a certain age comfort becomes extra important. In addition, safety should be one of the main concerns when buying automobiles. It takes a lot longer to recover from injuries at later years in life. And buying a safer and comfortable automobile would help you find cheap auto insurance for senior drivers. Safer cars qualify owners for cheaper premiums and comfortable ones reduce accidents that indirectly affect costs.

  1. Control Number of Claims

Generally, motorists suffer large premium increases when they have several claims in a short period of time. Agents would tell you that you must report every incident. But you are probably wise enough to know which incidents to report and which are not important. For example, do you really need to report a small scratch on the car after you scraped the garage door? By paying for small damages out of pocket you can reduce the number of claims and keep getting cheap auto insurance for seniors.

    10. Shop Around for the Most Competitive Rates

As mentioned above every company values different age, experience and other characteristics in their own way. Some may advertise special discounts for elder drivers in order to attract them and others may actually charge more for them. You need to shop around to find the best value car insurance if you want to save money. This is applicable to everyone and every purchase regardless of personal circumstances because it is the easiest way to reduce costs.