Car Insurance in Oregon

Liability auto insurance rates appear to be relatively higher in comparison to full coverage costs in Beaver State and in general motorists here pay lower premiums. Numbers of Uninsured Drivers are not bad either at 10%, which is below the national average of 14%. Lower premiums may be helping in higher policy take-up figures, which is good for every driver and insurer in the state.

Oregon Vehicle Insurance Laws and Requirements

Minimum requirements are interesting and require a little explanation. OR has regular minimum liability coverage requirements. Plus, it has a “no-fault” provision that requires drivers to buy Personal Injury Protection. It also mandates a minimum UMC. Here are the requirements and limits;

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $25,000 for property damage. 

Oregon in PicturesAlso required;

  • $15,000 per person for personal injury protection.
  • $25,000/$50,000 for uninsured motorist coverage

You can see these figures on the state Department of Motor Vehicles site. While Oregon has a no-fault provision, it is not truly a no-fault insurance state. It requires its motorists to buy the no-fault element but doesn’t control how people use it. In other words, you may have coverage for small injuries in an accident that was caused by someone else.

However, the state allows a not-at-fault accident victim to sue (without restrictions) the at-fault driver for pain-and-suffering and disability damages.

Automobile Insurance Prices in Oregon

Average minimum liability car insurance cost is $616 and that is only just under the national average. However, the average full coverage premium is only $1,415 and that is about $600 cheaper than the national average. This is usually a good sign that market conditions are good in this state. Generally, policies don’t appear to be expensive here no matter what type of coverage you require. Buying enough protection is always handy, especially if you have to make a claim one day. Otherwise, knowing you have a good policy offers comfort.

What a typical driver pays is one thing, what you pay is another. There are many people who spend a lot of money in a fairly cheap state or vice versa. Every individual should make an effort to find the best coverage, most reliable vehicle insurer and cheapest premium for their circumstances.

If you want to get three things right you may need to compromise. Looking a bit deeper can help you make a better decision. For example, you may not be happy with a carrier who is offering you a great policy package and price at the beginning. When you research about them you may find that there is nothing to worry about.

Cheaper Car Insurance Companies in Oregon

Finding the cheapest source helps a lot while searching lower premiums. You can check these companies for the best rates first and line up a few others to get quotes from. Remember that the most competitive will change depending on your circumstances. For example, the carriers below may not be cheap if you have a bad record.

  • GEICO, $580
  • Oregon Mutual, $687
  • Country, $718

Low premiums are enjoyed across the state with most cities falling nicely around the average prices. There are only two cities that strike as expensive in comparison with the rest and they are Portland and Gresham. The above 3 names appear to remain competitive in most cities. This goes to show that they have done their homework and are quite keen to stay in this region.

Auto Insurance Portland Oregon

The city is famous for quirky culture and home to interesting coffee shops, boutiques, gastro restaurants and microbreweries. It is also one of the greenest cities in the country. It is the largest city in the state and therefore it is not surprising to see that it has the most expensive vehicle insurance rates, which are about 1/4 higher than the average.

You can easily save around $500 by shopping around. There isn’t a single discount that can be this much rewarding and it isn’t easy to qualify for them in any way. The largest possible auto insurance discount is offered for having no traffic tickets and accidents for at least three years and it isn’t an easy task to accomplish. Companies are on a wide price span as expected of any similar place with varied neighborhoods. Therefore, it is almost foolish not to get alternative quotes and compare them thoroughly.

Your rates may be slightly higher because of the increased minimum requirements in your zip code. Where you live affects rates in different ways too as it is clear from the Portland example. Choosing a nice neighborhood is one of those ways that help you get better prices. Being close to work may qualify you for discounts as well as driving less by taking public transport. These are only some of the options available to motorists who like to pay less for car insurance.