Pre-existing Damages and Vehicle Insurance Claims

How auto insurance companies would know which damage is pre-existing and which ones are caused by an accident the claim is submitted for. Probably many people are tempted to try and include other repairs as well since the vehicle is in the garage. This may sound like an innocent thought. However, they aren’t known for letting things slip and paying for things that they shouldn’t have.

Claims adjusters will note what bump was caused in the crash and what could be pre-existing. Before showing up for the inspection, it’s quite likely he or she will check the vehicle’s history to determine if it had ever been totaled or sold as junk. A good adjuster can pick out any re-titling or “title washing”. Junk automobiles can be profitable investments for technicians although not for insurance corporations. The areas of clear damage will be closely checked in the examination. Rust, sanding, and mismatched paint are all indicators of old works.

So long as you are not trying hard to get a year old scratch repaired and it is around the latest hit area, some pre-existing damages may be fixed as well this time. They may pass the examination. Your adjuster will also look for other signs that an auto had a dark history, like mismatched upholstery or electric system frailties, e.g. those found on vehicles that were submerged in floods. An individual who coincidentally purchased a flood car could be making an attempt to pass along their loss by faking a crash.

Adjusters are professionally trained to ascertain which damage on a vehicle is new or old. They are as savvy as the investigators on TV. In reality they’re investigators, attempting to work out how much to pay to mend your auto after an accident. They are not out to cheat you. So, keeping a good line of communication with them can be useful. They will answer your questions and will be as flexible as they can especially if it leads to quick settlement of the car insurance claim.

You can always negotiate with the body shop for the other work to be carried out in the same time. They should not be asking a lot more since the car is already getting repaired. You should always get firm quotes for the extra works. You should not give a go ahead to any garage without firming up the costs. Also, remember that you will pay deductibles as well and make sure you have enough money for all of them.