Rhode Island Car Insurance

Rhode Island is one of the most densely populated areas in the USA. We have another chicken and egg situation here. The state has one of the highest car insurance and Uninsured Drivers rates in the country. 18% Uninsured Drivers would affect the premiums for the rest of the motorists who buy coverage. Also, being a densely populated area would increase chances of accidents or accidental damages and consequently premium costs. So, it is a tough one for the state to try and bring down Uninsured Drivers numbers.

How Much Is Car Insurance in Rhode Island?

If you want to know how much is automobile insurance in RI you can have a look at the average figures on that post. The Plantation State has one of the highest rates in the country with average expenditure of $1,066 (US average is $841). This is the average of total premiums. If you want to know how much full coverage auto insurance is likely to cost you you can figure out by looking at the state average; $1608.

It is probably no surprise to see that some policyholders will pay a lot more than the averages. And this is usually the case when people don’t bother to figure out how to get car insurance discounts. A quote from the most expensive insurer is 3 times higher than the quote from the cheapest in this state. You can save ton of money by simply shopping around for the best quotes, especially if you are paying much more than the average costs.

You should only be paying a lot more than the average rates when you have a terrible driving record, recent claims, bad credit score or you are a young driver with no experience. Even than there are man ways of saving money. For example you can check the link to find out how to get the best car insurance for college students. We have a few more articles like that on this site. You should stick around a bit and read through some of them.

Minimum Liability Requirements for in RI

Rhode Island Car InsuranceEvery state has minimum requirements for vehicle owners to insure their cars. Here are the requirements for Rhode Island;

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $25,000 for property damage. 

For further information and updates you could visit state website. If you get caught without a policy you will have to pay fines and face license suspensions. So, you would be taking a lot of risks when driving a car without insurance; not only the fines but possible losses you may suffer and legal actions you may face from third parties you caused injuries and damages.

It is advisable that you talk to an Independent Auto Insurance Broker to find out the best course of action for yourself. If you cannot find one yourself you can check online or yellow pages. Just keep in mind that minimum coverage is exactly what it says. There is a chance it may not cover you for all the liabilities in a sizable accident and it does not cover your own losses. You need at least Collision and Comprehensive Coverage and Uninsured Driver Coverage is highly advisable when there are too many people driving around without insurance.

Generally, it will not be easy to get low rates in densely populated areas. If you want cheap vehicle insurance in Rhode Island you will need to follow a few tips mentioned in many posts in this website. Alternatively you can check many other websites and go through the advises on ways of reducing your premium. If you don’t pay attention you may not get all the discounts you deserve. Furthermore, you may be penalized with surcharges that you are not aware of.

Motorists are required to actively check the rates and learn how to get discounts on car insurance in order to avoid high premiums. There is no easy cuts and it is naive to expect vehicle insurers to offer the best rates to their existing customers out of goodness of their hearts. You need to be aware of these facts and do your bit to save yourself some money. When you are living in highly congested city locations and high cost zip codes you need to work a little harder to get and keep good rates.

Most Economical Auto Insurance Companies in RI

You can see the usual suspects back in business in the Ocean State where you have two of the 10 biggest insurers in the US also within the cheapest.

  1. State Farm, $584
  2. GEICO, $950
  3. Quincy Mutual, $1,202

These 3 insurers are usually the cheapest in most cities of Rhode Island too. So, you can get quotes from them knowing they will give you good price. Auto insurance prices in most cities of RI is nicely spread around the average for the state. However, you may have to pay about 20% more than the average in places like Providence and Cranston where population is even more dense.

There is no shortage of good vehicle insurers in this state where competition is healthy. People make choices based on many other reasons than the price. For example you may want to be only insured by the leading car insurance companies. You will have no problem finding them and still getting good rates from them, especially if you are a good driver.

Naturally, there is a serious price difference between quotes for good drivers and high risk ones. Also, you get better rates when you are experienced in comparison with the new drivers. Your age is another significant factor in premium calculations. Younger drivers usually need to wait a bit before they can get the best rates.

Feel free to use our resources to learn more about auto insurance facts or get quotes. Our quotes come directly from the providers in your zip code. We are not here to isolate you from the source and take a big cut out of it. There is no shortage of comparison websites online anyway. Quite a few of them are good enough to carry out the task of comparing your options.

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