Should I Buy My Car Insurance with Roadside Assistance?

Usually it doesn’t cost much extra premium to buy car insurance with roadside assistance. Some companies may even add it free to sweeten policy sales. But is it a good idea? It is hard to argue with a cover provided for free or next to nothing. On the other hand, well-known breakdown service providers have vans, trained mechanics and they are always patrolling in the area or sitting around the corner waiting for assistance calls. Does an auto insurance company have them all? If not, what are they going to offer with this breakdown cover?

These are some of the questions you should consider before making a choice. You may even decide on buying both roadside assistance from insurers and recovery from companies like AAA. It is a viable option since they are not too expensive and highly valuable, especially if you are anticipating problems down the road.

Generally, roadside assistance by auto insurers are a lot limited. They offer towing help, bring gas to you if you run out or send a locksmith if you left your keys inside the car. They do not have mechanics who are capable of fixing your problem on the roadside and let you go on your way. They may not be on standby 24 hours a day or scarcely available in some areas.

That makes people think of buying a separate Roadside Recovery cover from one of the well known names instead. It is priceless to see someone turning up to help you with van full of gadgets and tons of knowledge. Seeing the mechanic’s van would make you happier than seeing your best friend.

Here is a recent article about the topic; auto roadside recovery assistance services providers. It is probably no brainer to choose one of the fairly cost effective services instead of relying on calling one of your friends or family members. It is not really worth taking a chance considering how cheap and valuable those services are.

There is another reason why people don’t choose their insurance companies’ breakdown service. They are afraid that their insurance companies would keep tabs on them if they buy breakdown coverage from them. If you call them too many times they may increase your car insurance premium. It is not usually expected. However, companies are known to look deeper when a policyholder starts filing more than one claims.

It is always a good to check what you are getting even it is offered to you for free. The level of service provided can be different depending on the insurance company you  are buying it from. What you don’t want to do is to rely on it not to purchase a good recovery contract and find out you don’t get what you need when you call them.

It is probably best to check the breakdown cover provided by your current insurer first and compare it with what you can get from independent recovery service providers. Certainly, the service packages you can choose will be much wider with a company like AAA in comparison with most insurers.

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