What Is SR22 Insurance?

Although it is widely referred to as SR22 insurance it is actually a filing to confirm existence of liability auto insurance coverage. It is a certificate, which is usually provided to DMV by your vehicle insurer to confirm financial responsibility. That is why it is also called financial responsibility filing and known as FR44 in some states.

If you haven’t caused any accident or taken to court for violating traffic laws you don’t normally need to worry about SR22 certificate. Normally, You are ordered by a judge to comply with SR-22 filing requirements.

How Do You Get a SR22?

You need to commit a serious traffic violation to be asked to certify that you have insurance. You may be ordered to comply with SR 22 filing requirements by a judge if you caused an accident without insurance or convicted of a traffic related offense like reckless driving and DUI or series of violations that led to suspension of your license. Then, DMV would require the filing and won’t reinstate your driving license without it if suspended.

How Long Do You Have to Have a SR22?

The good thing is that it is a temporary requirement. You are required to have auto insurance with SR22 for three years in most cases and it can be five years for things like DUI. Usually related conviction drops off your driving record after this period too that allows you to get lower rates again.

Your insurer has to file SR26 if it expires without renewal or gets cancelled within the required term to inform the DMV of the cancellation of the policy.

How Much Is It To Get SR22 Insurance?

It is just a certificate issued by your insurer to confirm that you have liability car insurance and it isn’t expensive. You just need to pay about $25 DMV filing charges and whatever admin charges your carrier applies for taking care of it for you. If you already have insurance you just pay the additional charges. If not, your auto insurance quotes would include these filing charges.

Usually what makes vehicle insurance expensive for people who need to have SR22 certificate is the underlying reason for it. As mentioned above, you would have caused an accident while uninsured or had a serious ticket to be ordered the filing. Those driving issues will go to your record and seen by insurers. Anyway, you need to tell them that you need this filing and why.

A few states require full premium payment for car insurance with SR22 filing to make sure policy isn’t cancelled for nonpayment.

Best Car Insurance for SR22

You don’t need a special policy for it but you must buy the liability vehicle insurance coverage required by your state. In other words, this certificate confirms that you comply with financial responsibility laws of your state.

Most auto insurers will issue this certificate and file it with the authorities for you. If you have coverage already you can ask your current insurer to add it on your policy. If not, you need to get automobile insurance quotes for the coverage you want and let the companies know that you require SR-22 or FR-44. Most online quote forms will ask this question anyway. All you need to do is tick “yes”.

In any case, companies like Progressive, GEICO, State Farm and Esurance will provide reasonable quotes and file it for you. Again, it is only temporary and you don’t need to file once the requirement period is over. You can let your carrier to drop it.

One final note is that your automobile insurance may drop you depending on the seriousness of conviction. Then, you will need to look for alternative coverage.

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