What Do Auto Insurance Claims Adjusters Do & Can Tell You?

You will need to talk to a car insurance claims adjuster at some point when you have a claim worth appointing someone to deal with. This is the person who;

  • gathers all the facts about the incident,
  • checks if you have coverage for the losses claimed,
  • determines who is at fault and
  • make a recommendation as to how to settle a claim.
  • Also deals with vehicle repairs.

In other words, an automobile insurance claims adjuster is the person who handles the claim on behalf on your auto insurer. It is worth saying again that he/she works for the auto insurance carrier. He/she may be employed or contracted by the company. In any case, they are there to safeguard the interest of the insurer.

you would have a good idea as to how to approach them if you know a little bit about what claims adjusters do and what they are up against. Just like traffic wardens they have a job to do. Let’s have a quick look at what the job is involved and what they are expected to achieve at the end of the day in order to gain some insight.

  • A claims adjuster normally starts with a low settlement figure. If you agree to the offer it is great and he/she can rap things up quickly. If you play hard ball and ask more he/she has already built a contingency into his/her offer and he/she can give a bit more. You would be happy and he would rap the case up at a figure he had first in mind.
  • It is a stressful business to be a claims adjuster. They have to keep the vehicle insurance company and policyholder happy. And they are the ones in the middle if something goes wrong. Although they work for the insurer they will still need to keep the policyholder happy to a degree.
  • They really need to close the claims quickly and efficiently. Otherwise, there are new ones coming on top every day that it becomes unmanageable. They probably have targets to meet like everyone else.
  • They do get little presents from auto body repair shops every so often for sending business their way.
  • They are human after all and can be compassionate or cruel. Therefore, there is no need to cross them if you can help it.

Remember to check if you are being offered the right amount. If your automobile is totaled, check how much would it cost you to buy a similar one on the open market. If you are going to argue with the insurer you’d better be ready. You cannot just say give me some more. You need to tell them why.

Your first point of contact in claims is your car insurance company and claims adjuster. Listen carefully what they are saying and prepare a sensible counter argument. Most of the time they will listen to you and take your points on board. This is the easiest way. If this approach does not pay, you can approach to a loss adjuster to handle the case for you. It is alright to employ your own loss adjuster to work with the insurance company claims adjuster.

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