Essential Teenage Driving Resources

Teen DrivingDriving is one of the signs of gaining independence. Youngsters are all excited to get licenses to get on the road and seniors want to keep theirs as long as they can. Unfortunately, teenage motorists are the group with highest accident and traffic related death risk. The chance of a new driver getting into a collision within the first year is substantially higher that it is important to be extra careful in this period. Things are bound to get better after this difficult period once they have little bit of experience under their belt.

Most parents love to see children to learn this essential skill. In the same time they are concerned about safety on the road. However, they know that they cannot control every move. Still there are ways to educate them further on the rules and dangers. In most cases, parents can learn a lot from these readings as well. It may be useful in controlling the stress level.

General problems with teens are being distracted, intoxicated, speeding and taking too many chances like going too fast on the bends. They can feel invincible at times thanks to their age and lack of experience. Also, they love cell phones, music and other gadgets to a point they cannot drop them and concentrate. It can be hard to discuss any of these issues with them without being accused of not knowing or understanding anything that it may be essential to read about how to approach the subjects.

It is best to deal with potential problems methodically and seek information and assistance. There is plenty information online from various groups, organisations and institutions as well as professional service providers. You can search them on your own as well as going through the list provided below. Here are some of the useful websites and other resources on the internet to help both side.

Safe Tips

  • Teen Driving Source is put together by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to help each concerned groups including educators, policymakers and researchers.
  • National Safety Council published these resources.


Dangers to Mind

  • Dangers of DUI are explained in this article. You will see how alcohol increases the chance of a crash.
  • Related Risks are discussed here from drowsiness to wearing seat belts.
  • Information on how drugs can affect attentiveness and focus on the road. Medicines are another area to include perhaps.

Other Resources for Young Motorists and Parents

Hopefully these are helpful and they manage to get over this difficult period of excitement and learning. When they pay a little attention in early years and gain good habits it is easier to become good motorist for life. And this would help them find cheap auto insurance for young drivers and save a lot of money over time.

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