What to Do with High Auto Insurance Renewal Quotes?

When it is already hard to stay within the budget it can be disheartening to receive higher car insurance renewal quotes. In these situations, people can react hastily and start chopping and changing their coverage.  Some can totally drop coverage as well. Before taking such drastic actions, there are a few things you can do to lower auto insurance rates.

If you are only buying the minimum liability coverage, you will be limited in the way you can play around with the coverage anyway. You cannot reduce the limits and there is no deductible to adjust the premium. The only option might be to see if you qualify for discounts that were missed by the broker or the current insurer.

1. Can Your Current Insurer Offer any Further Discount?
It is always a good idea to give the company a call and ask if there is any chance of some rate reductions. They can only say no. In any case, you should get at least two more automobile insurance quotes to compare with rates offered. Every carrier applies different weights on the factors affecting the premiums. So, it will not be surprising at all to get as much as 50% discount from an alternative provider.

2. Are You Driving Less to Deserve Low Mileage Discounts?
When you have a full coverage, there can be a few areas to look for savings. First of all, you should check if you are driving less miles than you have specified last time. You may be working couple of days a week from home or preferring the subway lately. This will reduce the costs depending on how little you are driving.

3. Is It Still Worth Buying Full Coverage for your Car?
Next, you should look at the open market value of your automobile. Vehicles drop their value considerably with every year passing that at some point it may even be better not to insure them. When the car is worth only few hundred dollars, what is the point in spending similar amount for insurance? You may drop the coverage to bare liabilities if you prefer.

4. Can You Save Money by Increasing Deductibles?
A good way of keeping the level of cover you prefer and still cutting the costs is to increase deductibles. Normally, when the deductibles are up the rates come down. You are practically agreeing to cover larger part of the losses you may face. If more money will come out of your pocket when you have an accident, you should pay less at the time of purchasing a policy.

5. There May Be Other Discounts You Can Qualify for
You shouldn’t accept high vehicle insurance renewal quote without a good fight. There are several other ways of reducing overall insurance costs. First of all, you may want to insure all your automobiles under a multicar policy. Then, you may move your home insurance to the same company as well. Companies usually offer discounts for extra piece of business you give them. Couples can look into having a joint policy as well if they have not already done so.

Another alternative is to check if your membership with any organization will offer further discounts. If necessary, you can join the ones that will enable you to get lower premiums. For young drivers, good-student discounts are good ways of cutting the costs.

Actually, you can ask the company why you are receiving higher rates. They may point you in the right direction. For example, some companies may charge higher rates for policyholders with bad credit. By finding another auto insurer that does not care much about credit history you can cut the costs as much as 20%. The worst thing you can do is not to do anything and put up with the rate increases while you are already struggling to pay the premium.

It is harder to take higher than expected auto insurance renewal quotes from your current insurer than receiving expensive quotes from insurers you don’t know. You would naturally want to ask your insurer why did my car insurance increase for no reason? Of course, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask this question first and follow the other tips after.

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