Top Rated Auto Insurance Companies by Consumers

There are many surveys providing insight to reliability, customer service and claim handling aspects of auto insurers and comparing them with each other. We will look at one of the most extensive surveys to tell you the 20 top rated car insurance companies according to overall score, value for money, how highly they are recommended by their current policyholders, how many of their customers want to renew with them, claim handling, overall service and financial standing. All this information is displayed on the table below and consumers can rearrange the order according to their chosen metrics.

Vehicle insurance isn’t something you can physically inspect. That is why you need to look at what others, ideally current or past customers, say about them. In that aspect, knowing 20 top rated vehicle insurance companies based on reviews from current policyholders will help you to choose one of them based on your own preferences.

The main issue with a policy is that you don’t know if it is good or not, unless you have a claim and then it is too late to do anything about it. So, it is understandable that people may be anxious about their choices. Endorsements and reviews help motorists assess their choices and allow them to find those better values in the market. Below list takes value into account as well that makes the names on the table really attractive if you are looking for quotations. Sometimes, you may have to compromise between value and quality when the desired name is priced over your budget.

You are getting good value if you receive good service and fast claim settlement from a highly recommended insurer and pay a reasonable premium for it in comparison to others.

You should remember that your ideal provider may be a bit further down in the order and you may need to spend a little time to find the best provider for your circumstances, especially when you have a limited budget. So, you should always compare quotes from different sources. Any rankings should be taken as a general guidance. In fact, the one that may serve you best may not be in there at all.

Table: List of Top Rated car Insurance Companies based on Policyholder Responses

There is no shortage of good reviews online. However, one of the most comprehensive ones is carried out by Every year, they survey current policyholders and score the providers based on weighted responses. They ask the current customers what they look for in a carrier. Then, they use Price, Customer Service, Claims Satisfaction, Recommendation and Renewal (in the same order of importance) when they are determining the overall score for each. Individual responses for each category are also displayed. The table below reflects the responses of nearly 4000 current policyholders who participated in this survey.

Like to
2Auto Club S California959591929694A+California
23 States
11 States
6State Farm908588989292A++Largest
7The Hartford909188918890A+AARP
9American Family899086919090A9th
15The General878985848886A-High-Risk
16Liberty Mutual878083909686A7th
1721st Century868787879081ADirect

Surprisingly the list isn’t filled with the biggest and most well-known names. 5 largest car insurance companies State Farm, GEICO, Progressive, Allstate and USAA still make the list but are scattered around. On the contrary, it comprises a few high-risk, nonstandard, local, online, direct, specialist and cheap insurers. It appears that people appreciate those firms providing affordable coverage when they need it the most.

The fact that there are a wide range of carriers on makes this table valuable to most types of drivers from nonstandard to high risk and the ones looking for better deals no matter how bad their records are.

The order on the top rated vehicle insurance companies changes depending on the criteria searched. For example, USAA gets the highest overall score, Auto Club of S California, Mercury, CSAA offer the best value, most customers of State Farm, GEICO, Progressive and Nationwide want to renew and stay with the company, Travelers, Liberty Mutual offer good claim services. And Titan and the General are the high-risk automobile insurance companies making the list. There are several local names in the list as well that offer plenty of options for motorists looking for different things.

You probably have a personal perspective when it comes to choosing. Usually, people’s unique circumstances, driving records and types of cars influence and perhaps limit the number of choices. This is probably one of the most useful lists because it has all sorts of names in it that makes it helpful for motorists with various requirements.

Drivers with a less-than-stellar record may have to look for affordable quotes harder while good drivers can get cheap rates even from the best auto insurance carriers in their regions. You may currently be a nonstandard or high risk driver. But over time you can improve records and qualify for a lower premium. The good news is that you can probably find coverage from one of them in the table above no matter what the circumstances are. That is why it can potentially serve nearly every motorist.