Auto Insurance Coverage & Costs in Georgia

It has one of the lowest living costs but one of the highest car insurance rates. 6.7 million licensed drivers in the Peach State are probably feeling the pain. When most other items in a household budget is reasonably priced expensive premiums stick out. Usually, they can do something about it, as  more economical policies are available if they look around.

16% uninsured drivers are just a little over the national average. This may be because higher rates push it beyond affordability for some of them. Perhaps, motorists aren’t looking hard enough to find the best deals. Too many of them are taking risks by driving without coverage. This naturally concerns everyone else since one of them hitting you or the vehicle is a real possibility.

It is the 24th most extensive, 8th most populous and located in southeastern region. From 2007 to 2008, 14 of Georgia’s counties ranked among the nation’s 100 fastest-growing, second only to Texas. It appears to be an up and coming region. Atlanta is the capital and most populous city.

Georgia Automobile Insurance Laws

Here are the compulsory liability coverage requirements;

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $25,000 for property damage.

You can confirm these figures and check further information here. Even though it appears to have decent limits and rates are generally much higher than the averages in the USA you should not hesitate to check the costs for more reliable level of liability protection. Actually, many people are getting much larger coverage and still spending reasonable amounts because they shop better and many carriers offer improved protection as standard.

Cheap Auto Insurance GeorgiaCompanies in Georgia can refuse auto insurance renewal if you have more than one at-fault accident or a large claim in the last 3 years. Furthermore, you have to make sure that your automobile is covered at all times by making sure you don’t miss renewal or any payment because GA does not have a grace period for car insurance. And you have to arrange coverage before you can drive a vehicle you just purchased.

Knowing how to find good quotes helps in reducing premiums. In addition, shopping around allows you to find those underwriters who are happy to offer you various discounts. A few of them are working extremely hard to come up with innovative products and sharpening their pencils in the same time. You really don’t want to be losing out on these deals by sticking with the current one for no reason. So many motorists are renewing policies without checking for lower quotes. Such attitudes open possibilities to price optimization and does nothing to improve market conditions.

Quite a few of them have no idea what sort of deals they can get in the market. If they know that they can reduce costs to half they would probably see the benefits of vehicle insurance comparison shopping. Generally, shopping for goods pays handsomely as most people would agree. The same idea works when buying policies as well. You just need to know that you can buy things at much cheaper prices.

There are a few ways you could go about finding more affordable coverage. One of the methods is that you find an independent broker to search the market for you. This would be a good choice if you were new to the concept. However, most motorists are happy to have a go on their own by getting quotations online and comparing them. There are a few comparison websites that can help you in the process and this site is one of them.

Automobile Insurance Costs in Georgia

It can have freak weathers like hailstorms and unexpectedly heavy snowfall as well as tornadoes. All these will increase claims and therefore affect premiums for everybody. Also, it is a densely populated state with over 10 million residents and therefore vehicular accidents and crimes are higher than usual. These demographical factors increase rates here and most other similar states.

Average cost of car insurance in Georgia is $801, which is not far off from the US. This is the actual spending figure per vehicle. On the other hand, estimated full coverage average is $1,559 and it is a better price indicator. You will need to pay $234 more than the national average if you want to include Collision and Comprehensive in the Empire State of the South. That is actually not bad considering the above negative factors.

However, full coverage costs almost twice more than the median premium expenditure. That is an indication that most policies sold here are closer to liability only and somewhere in between. Knowing it isn’t one of the richest states this is not a huge surprise. Generally, lower income regions tend to buy average cars and therefore may not be overly protective of them that reduce the need for fully loaded policies.

Most Affordable Vehicle Insurers in Georgia

If you somehow choose one of the most expensive providers you may pay 3 years worth of premium in one year. No matter which city you are from, keep this in mind when shopping around. Here are the currently most affordable companies but rates can change fast. So, you shouldn’t ignore others and get a few more quotes that allow proper comparison. One alone may not tell you anything about its competitiveness but lining up several of them side by side sheds a brighter light on each of them.

  1. GEICO, $667
  2. Auto-Owners, $847
  3. Country Financial, $887

Rates are pretty uniform across and most cities nicely fall around the median figure with only few exceptions. This suggests external risks and exposures are pretty similar in most parts.

Auto Insurance Atlanta GA

It is by far the largest with 448,000 residents. On top of this large population, Atlanta has reputation for congestion, traffic accidents and crimes that it is not surprising to see companies cannot cut prices here. However, it is not bad at all since Atlanta policyholders pay only 20% more than the state average. Perhaps, there is a fierce competition or Atlantans shop around for the best deals to keep their premiums low.

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