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Arranging a policy in the United States can be a confusing and frustrating process, especially if it is a first time car insurance purchase or have never truly searched for better rates. Minimum liability coverage is a mandatory requirement in 48 states and the District of Columbia, while New Hampshire still requires proof of financial responsibility and Virginia requires uninsured motorists to pay a $500 Uninsured Motorist Fee. Understanding how the quote process work can help you get the most affordable and best coverage for your situation. 

Vehicle Insurance Quotes Explained

A quote is a ‘potential price’ for the risk covered by insurers. It is that simple. Unfortunately all the fine print and clauses within the process is where it can get complicated.

If you call or email every insurer directly, you receive quotes for the information discussed in the dialogue at the time of the quoting procedure. However, as this process may take place over hours or days, you may vary the information given during the quote process. This is where ‘not all quotes are equal’ can come into play. If you mentioned you are a nurse in one instance and not another, you may be getting a profession discount for being a nurse on one and not the other quote. There are literally tens of factors that go into premium calculation. By getting individual quotes, you may be comparing apples to elephants and getting flustered during auto insurance quotes comparison online.

How to Shop for Cheap Vehicle Insurance Quotes

A better way to shop for insurance is to have a consistent process, with complete and accurate information for every quote.

First develop a checklist of information to give your potential insurer, or have ready for an online quoting tool. This information should include all of the following items:

  • Full Contact Details, including name, address, email
  • Vehicle make, model and year
  • Any Vehicle modifications made
  • Previous Insurer, policy expiry and coverages
  • Mileage driven in a year
  • Employer or employment/profession details
  • Membership Information for Affinity Discounts (Frats, Sororities or clubs)
  • Finance agreement for vehicle
  • Your latest credit score
  • A transcript outlining your college GPA (if still in school)
  • Driver record history report
  • Marital status/Gender
  • Driver’s license, Social Security number
  • Information for bundled quotes for life or home insurance
  • Home Ownership information

Once you have a complete list of the information available above, you need to first consider what types of auto insurance you will need. It may be best to get quotes for insurance you feel is adequate such as, at least double your state minimum liability coverage limits, comprehensive and collision coverages and get a quote on full coverage. Full coverage refers to the best protection and includes 100/300/100 liability coverage, comprehensive, collision, rental car reimbursement, medical payments, GAP, towing and labor, specialty parts coverage, specialty equipment coverage and any other coverages that may suit your situation. By getting two different quotes you may be surprised that the second full coverage quote is within financial reach, yet provide much better protection for you and your family.

Now take these two different levels of insurance and get quotes from at least 5, but preferably 10 auto insurers. 10 quotes will give you plenty of options, and weed out the ‘too high’ and ‘suspiciously cheap’ quotes.

How Do Competitive Auto Insurance Quotes Help?

As discussed above you can arrange two completely different policies. One may be perfect for your circumstances while the other is not even enough to offer you a decent liability coverage. This is usually the case when you have a tight budget. One of the best ways of getting the car insurance coverage you need is to shop around for the best deals. Once you locate several competitive quotes you will feel more comfortable about increasing the cover on your policy to a satisfactory level.

Getting affordable prices will open up your eyes too since you will see that there is nothing wrong with the companies offering these quotes. Some of them could even be within the top 10 auto insurance companies in the US. Once you see with your own eyes you can believe that most of the cliches about cheap automobile insurance aren’t true. There may be nothing wrong with it at all. You may have it all; in good coverage, quality insurer and great price.

Many policyholders are afraid to play around with their coverage until they find the best deals because they are worried that a slight change will increase their premium a lot. This is not usually the case and you can get a lot more coverage with some insurers while you may have to pay a lot of money for even a basic policy with others. So, why not try to find an economical policy and see if you can save some money.

Completing Vehicle Insurance Quotes Comparison

Technically the best auto insurer is the one that can meet all your personal criteria, such as pricing, claim process, policy coverage options, local versus national preferences and more. If you find an insurer that provides all the necessary coverages, at an affordable price with a great customer satisfaction reputation, the choice should be clear.

The comparison process is well laid out above. To summarize, you need to first make sure that your comparison is based on the same coverage. When you get this wrong you wouldn’t be making a fair comparison since each quote is for something else entirely. Secondly, you need to make sure that you get a few competitive vehicle insurance quotes. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be getting much out of your efforts in terms of saving money. Thirdly, you can be as picky as you like when you have enough options. Getting several quotes help you in that aspect.

Getting low-priced auto insurance quotes online is easy; sorting through all the fine print, deciphering your own insurance needs and making a decision should be easier with this guide. Make the process even easier by using’s online quoting tools to ensure you are comparing apples to apples in the same quoting procedure. This is probably the best site to compare companies.

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