Washington Auto Insurance Quotes

One year car insurance premium paid to one of the most expensive insurers can be equal to 3 year worth of coverage with one of the cheapest insurers. That is why you should get a few quotes to ensure you don’t end up with one of the most expensive insurers and pay truckload of money. This post will try to equip you with enough information to find the policy you need at a reasonable price in the Evergreen State.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Washington?

As mentioned above, your premium could cost tree times more than what it should normally cost if you are not careful. Also, the rates vary depending on applicants driving records, claim history, credit score, age, gender, zip code and even education. You can see that half of those factors affecting your costs have nothing to do with driving. That is why a not so good driver can get much cheaper auto insurance quotes in WA in comparison with a good driver. You should always keep this in mind and don’t give up on your quest to find the best deals.

Average premium expenditure in your state gives a pretty good idea as to how much you should spend. The average cost of auto insurance in Washington is $838 which is pretty close to the US average. This is the figure that is reached by dividing total premiums collected to total number of cars. So, it is the average of all policy purchases including basic liability, full coverage and anything in between.

Washington Auto Insurance QuotesIf you want to buy full coverage vehicle insurance WA you need to look at the average of $1168, which is around $250 cheaper than the US average. When you look at the average expenditure and full coverage you can see that the difference is just $330. If you can spend $838 dollar for an average policy you might as well cough up another $300 and get yourself a full coverage. See the narrow gap, it is fair to assume that most people in WA buys full coverage anyway to keep the average expenditure pretty close to full coverage. Generally, motorists in well off states buy more coverage due to driving expensive cars.

Uninsured Drivers in Washington are 16% and a little over the national averages. You should consider buying Uninsured Drivers coverage to protect yourself just in case one of them hits your car or you fall victim of hit and run accidents. Drunk driving related traffic deaths are higher than in other states as well. Despite these negative affects automobile insurance rates appear to be reasonable in the state. When there are too many uninsured drivers and other accidents in your zip code it affects the premiums for everyone.

Washington State Liability Requirements

Washington requirements for minimum liabilities are;

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $10,000 for property damage. 

Here is the state website to check insurance, driving license and vehicle registration information. You can also check the penalties and other charges for driving without a policy. State insurance department websites provide plenty information for motorists.

And independent broker can be instrumental in helping you find better priced vehicle insurance in Washington from good insurers. Remember minimum requirements don’t mean that it is enough to buy just that. Many people buy a lot more coverage than basic policy required by their state. At least, you should consider Collision and Comprehensive Coverage to make sure your automobile is insured especially if it is fairly new and worth some money. As mentioned above you should consider Uninsured Driver Coverage as well.

You will realize the benefits of arranging a decent policy when you have a claim. When you cover most losses you can suffer you will be a lot more comfortable with driving and leaving your car on the street at night. Not having any issues for years can make motorists too comfortable with their coverage. However, having one big claim will be enough to put you in a serious financial trouble. You should try to avoid them by sparing a few minutes while buying a cover.

Of course prices are important part of your decision. Most people have limited budget to cover their household expenses. Therefore, it is essential to save money wherever you can in order to make your money go a bit further. So, it is important to try a bit harder to get what you want at affordable prices. This is possible by shopping around and finding the one company that offer the optimum balance between coverage and premium. You can take comfort from the fact that there are plenty vehicle insurance companies operating in any given zip code.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in Washington

The below companies are usually the cheapest throughout cities of WA including Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and Vancouver. Normally, rates are a bit more expensive in cities that the average.

  1. Amica, $347
  2. Grange Mutual, $360
  3. State Farm, $389

Naturally, you are expected to check with these companies first but you should get a few more quotes from different insurers. Insurers regularly change their rates that can change the price dynamic pretty quickly. And there is no guarantee that the most competitive company will offer you their best rates. Every company has a preference as to who deserve their best rates. You may just not make the cut for one company and have a better change with another.

You may be nervous to move away from a company you have been insured with for some time. However you should remember that there are at least 30 – 40 companies who are highly reputable and well establish. You can pick any one of them and you are probably likely to be as happy as your current carrier. When you stay with the same company for some time you have a much better chance of saving money. At least you can call your insurer and ask them if they could move you to a better package. Car insurers will not switch existing policyholders to better deals unless they are asked. These tips on how to get discounts on car insurance can help you make better decisions on your policy.

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