Washington Auto Insurance

The average cost of basic liability only car insurance coverage is $515, which is $107 cheaper than the US average. A full coverage policy in The Evergreen State costs on average $1,410, which is $604 cheaper than the country average. Generally, motorists in well-off states like Washington choose better protection due to owning expensive cars.

Uninsured Drivers in Washington are 16% and a little over the national average. You should consider buying Uninsured Drivers coverage to protect yourself just in case. Intoxicated drivers cause more deaths here than in many other states. Despite the influence of these negative factors automobile insurance rates appear to be reasonable.

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Washington State Liability Requirements

The basic limits imposed in this jurisdiction are;

  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
  • $50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
  • $10,000 for property damage. 

Here is the official website to check updates on these figures, licenses and vehicle registrations. You can also check the penalties and other charges for driving without a policy.

It is worth mentioning that many motorists buy higher liability limits than basic required. Also adding Collision and Comprehensive Coverage ensures your automobile is protected too. Full coverage may actually be necessary if you have a loan on your car or it is leased.

You will appreciate the benefits of arranging a decent vehicle insurance policy when you have a claim. When you take care of most losses you can suffer you will be a lot more comfortable with driving and leaving the car on the street at night. Not having any issues for years can make motorists too comfortable with their coverage. However, having one big claim will be enough to put you in serious financial trouble.

Even if you are a great driver, the chance of accidents increases in a state like Washington where there are many intoxicated and uninsured drivers. Cell phones are distracting enough motorists, especially teenage drivers as well. So, you should carefully go over your coverage requirements. You have a better chance of saving money on automobile insurance by shopping around than trying to save money by being mindful about coverage.

Cheapest Auto Insurers in Washington

Usually you can get the lowest quotes from the below names throughout cities of WA including Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and Vancouver. Normally, rates are a bit more expensive in cities, as expected.

  1. Amica, $347
  2. Grange Mutual, $360
  3. State Farm, $389

Naturally, you are expected to check with these companies first but you should get a few more quotes. Rates are regularly altered that can change the price dynamic pretty quickly. And there is no guarantee that the most competitive automobile insurance company will offer you their best rates. Each has a preference as to who deserves to get the highest discounts. You may just not make the cut for one company and have a better change with another.

You may be nervous to move away from a vehicle insurance company you have been with for some time. However you should remember that there are at least 30 – 40 highly reputable and well established auto insurance companies in Washington. You can pick any one of them and you are probably likely to be as happy as the current carrier and even more if you are paying less.

When you stay with the same company for some time you have a much better chance of saving money by switching. At least you can call and ask them if they could move you to a better package. Car insurers will not switch existing policyholders to better rates unless they are asked.