How Much Do You Know about your Car Insurance Coverage?

Many motorists admit that they don’t know much about auto insurance policies they bought. And a few of us believe we know but fail to pass a simple test on current coverage. For instance, many people cannot tell what is endorsement or premium, let alone some difficult industry terms.

Perhaps drivers should look the words they don’t know up or ask an agent to explain the basics of their automobile insurance. By doing this you can get informed about what is likely to happen in various circumstances. Remember you cannot revisit it and change after an accident or theft. Taking the right steps in learning about a policy and terms at the beginning could save you all the hassle at a later stage.

Admittedly, there are several confusing words like Comprehensive, which motorists take to mean full vehicle insurance coverage. But you need Collision as well for it to be full. It goes to show that it is easy to get confused. A recent research shows that many people think endorsement is increase to coverage. The confusion of terms is coming from media. You may think that you have heard them enough and you know what they mean.

Bottom line is that you need to ask all the right questions until you are fully satisfied. Some of us would be conscious of asking too many questions to brokers seeing they are busy and can sell another policy rather than talking to you. If you are made to feel that way, you are not with the right intermediary.

Your next option would be online resources like forums. Go ahead and ask. You would be surprised how many knowledgeable people are willing to help others. The best part of it is that you may get several good solutions for a particular problem.

Another option is to call your car insurer. The responsiveness and knowledge of sales agents on the phone can be hugely different. Sometimes, you realize that you got connected to a dull sales representative who is just there to take your details and see what the computer says. Then you can hang up and call again, hoping to be connected to someone who is happy to help.

It is especially important for novice drivers to find the right person to help. Stay away from pushy agents who keep asking how you are going to pay before you are fully satisfied. Be strong and be ready to walk away if you don’t like the way you are treated.