How Do Car Insurance Advertisements Affect Policy Sales?

You would expect that people shop around for quotes first and choose the best value policy. Then, why large numbers of drivers respond to auto insurance adverts and buy? The money spend on them are in the billion dollars now. The fight is really on for new customers to a point that it raises a dilemma. They spare big budgets to dominate the available spaces and slots on popular TV programs, shows, newspapers, billboards and subway platforms. And they get bigger and bigger in the process in the expense of smaller ones.

Now, back to the main question of what you would be impressed with. Quite a few of them base their slogans on price as opposed to the ones that concentrate on quality of products. Would you be inclined to get quotes from companies that suggest you can save money with them? Or would you go for one that is on your side or offer guaranteed auto accident repairs?

A simple observation would confirm that current trend is about spending less. Many of them go like “you can save 15%” on vehicle insurance, “same coverage cheaper premiums” and you can see many websites sticking to “you can save $500 today”. These companies are one of the largest in the industry.

They must have done their homework about what works. Another reason may be that they are advertising on prime time television and top TV networks. Those commercials must not be cheap. That may be the reason why they are not toying around but going straight to jugular. Current economic problems and trend to shop around for the best deal may be another reason. In the past they were trying to make buyers feel secure. Now, they talk straight to the wallet.

Probably Progressive and GEICO adverts are good examples to use. They are always up there with the rest of them. One of GEICO’s top managers claim in a recent interview that thanks to media exposure they are now one of the leading car insurers. Of course it is great for them. But it can be costly when they cannot get the message right.

Another important question is that do motorists go with them after seeing these adverts. That is what GEICO manager suggests. Wouldn’t people feel the need to shop around if they haven’t seen the ad in the first place? Wouldn’t they have a look online or ask around for cheaper or better companies? If so, it would suggest that policyholders are lazy shoppers and the market is ripe for automobile insurance price optimization.

So, you should make a habit of checking for alternative prices at each renewal without the need to be reminded. Also, you should remember that those advertisers would have to recoup the money they spent. In other words, the end users will have to foot the bill. That is why you shouldn’t just check them but get quotes from varying sources. If you get at least five of them you would have a pretty good idea about where you stand. Then, you can decide to get a few more or make a choice.