What Are the Penalties for Driving without Vehicle Insurance?

It is unlikely that people contemplate driving without auto insurance, if they can help it. In case you have the following questions you should read on. How severe are the penalties for not having car insurance when you are driving? Do you lose your driving license or do police impound your automobile? Or you just get a ticket and when you pay it is done?

Although it depends on the state you are in most states would have severe penalties. The range of fines and penalties varies considerably between states. While some are very tough on uninsured drivers the others may not be as forbidding with the level of fines.

Your driving license can be suspended or revoked and your car can be impounded. You are most likely to be taken to court where you explain yourself. It is a high possibility that you may lose your license for six months or a year. And/or your car may be impounded until you come back with proof of insurance. Also, you would have to pay hefty fines and cost of appearing in the court. Here is a list of penalties for driving without auto insurance.

If you cause an accident while uninsured you may even get prosecuted in a criminal court. Furthermore, you would be liable to pay the damages you caused to other people in the accident out of your pocket or wages. This is one of the most important reason for buying insurance. It is nearly impossible to predict the size of damages you may cause to third parties.

There could be injuries and death and you may hit an expensive automobile. You cannot expect them to dust off and forget about it. They will come after you with the full force of law. On top of everything else you may have to pay their legal expenses as well.

Your best bet is to check state insurance commissioner’s website for the rules and regulations in your area. Generally, they provide details of minimum required liabilities insurance, vehicle registration process and fines and penalties for driving without the required policy coverage.

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