What Is Next after Submitting a Vehicle Insurance Claim?

We cannot stand being made to wait for repairs or insurance settlements following totaled automobiles. Cars are very essential part of American life. As our policies would be cancelled if we were few days late on premium installments we should be sharp in reacting to slow paying companies too. So, here are the things you could do after you place a claim.

Chase Claims Adjuster for Speedy Actions

They are the professionals who handle cases on behalf of insurers. They check the damages, investigate the incident and negotiate with the repair shops and policyholders. They should contact you shortly after receiving the papers from the company. If you do not hear from them check with them and get their detail. Contact them and ask about the process and how fast it can be fixed. You may need to put a little pressure on in order to get the work done in a timely manner. There is nothing wrong with that.

You Can Have Your Say on the Auto Repairer

Policyholders have the option of choosing their own mechanics. An adjuster would be quick to recommend company authorized shop to you. They would have good relations and maybe kickbacks from these garages. At least check them out and make sure that they are acceptable. Most people would want cars to be repaired by a garage that is specialized on the make of cars they own.

You can also ask the adjuster for an authorized body shop. If you know a good one you can ask the car to be fixed there. As long as the estimates are similar to the one recommend there should not be a problem with choosing your own vehicle repair garage.

Is the Claim Settlement Offer Fair?

You don’t expect that vehicle insurers will go out of their way and pay you more than you lost. You are lucky and one happy customer if this happens. What you really need is a fair compensation. You need to make your own calculations as to what are reasonable losses and wait to hear what they will offer. If you were prepared you would know the next course of action.

Do You Have Room to Negotiate, If Not Satisfied with Settlement Offer?

Some adjusters may have the habit of starting with a low-ball figure expecting you will want more. They normally may not have a problem giving you a little more if it is totalled. If you don’t question it you will end up with it. He is never going to say he offered you a little on the low side as a starting point and now he wants to give you more.

They usually pick two cars that are similar to the one insured and currently sold in the open market. Then they offer an amount that is the average of the two. You can easily pick two other similar cars and show them that the final settlement should be increased a little. As long as you are within the reasonable margins you can get what you want. Be prepared to negotiate with auto claims adjuster and make assessments on your own.


Getting a little more may be possible as long as you keep on top of the issue. But getting exactly what you want may delay the process. Would you insist on down to the penny or take an acceptable amount? The process requires negotiation and give and take from both sides.

Be prepared for various scenarios and do your homework in the meantime. Hopefully you will have no problem at all and claim will be paid timely. However, being ready for bad news can prepare you for the next course of action.