What Is Non Owners Car Insurance

Auto insurance for non owners can protect drivers, who don’t own a car, against liability arising from an accident they cause while driving someone else’s vehicle. Can you buy auto insurance without a car? Yes you can buy liability vehicle insurance coverage even though you don’t own an automobile to insure?

Why would anyone buy insurance when they don’t own an automobile? There are circumstances that may require you to buy liability coverage even though you don’t own an automobile. And you may feel non owners automobile insurance may serve you well at times. You will hopefully learn all you need to know about this topic in this post.

  – What Is Non Owners Car Insurance?

This is a type of policy that is bought by people who often drive vehicles even though they don’t own one. For example, in cities people have good access to public transport, parking is premium and owning a vehicle is costly. That is why many people may shun away from owning and keeping their own automobiles but like to rent often where and when they need.

Non owners policies can be a good solution for drivers who don’t own a vehicle or have a regular access to automobiles that may be owned by parents’ or partner’s. And yet they like to drive occasionally by renting or borrowing someone else’s vehicle.

Auto insurance policies for non owners usually provide secondary coverage to any other policy that insure the vehicle driven. But they can become primary policy if there isn’t any other policy in force to cover the liability, like in the case of rental cars.

  – What Does Non Owners Auto Insurance Cover?

non owners auto insuranceNon-owner car insurance covers liabilities arising from driving a vehicle, similar to liability car insurance coverage provided to vehicle owners. There are always risks of injuring other people or causing property damages to third parties when you are driving an automobile. These are the risks insured by a liability coverage that is the main coverage in this type of policies.

In addition to liability coverage, non owner car insurance can include Personal Injury Protection cover for yourself and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage, depending on insurers and state you live. Uninsured/underinsured Motorist Coverage pays for your medical bills and consequential losses if an uninsured driver causes your injuries.

  – What Non Owners Vehicle Insurance Doesn’t Cover?

It is only liability coverage and don’t provide any protection for the car you drive. Unlike a standard full coverage vehicle insurance policy, it doesn’t offer Collision and Comprehensive Coverage. Also, Personal Injury Protection to cover your own injuries isn’t usually included but you may be able to buy it from some insurers and in some states along with Uninsured Motorist Coverage. So, you will need to make sure that people who let you drive their cars have insurance for the vehicle.

And you may need to buy rental car company’s Collision Damage Waiver to remove financial responsibility from you in case the rental vehicle is damaged while in your possession. However, you should check with your credit card company as some credit card companies provide free rental car insurance to take care of Collision Damage Waiver and Loss Damage Waiver for you.

  – 10 Uses of Non Owners Car Insurance

Such a policy might be for you if any of below benefits of nonowners auto insurance appeals to you.

  1. Proof of Insurance: Driving licenses may be suspended or lost after serious traffic violations like DUI. A few states require such drivers to fill SR-22 forms that require proof of insurance. Even if you don’t own a vehicle your state may still want proof of liability coverage to let you have your driving license back. Cheap Non owners insurance would satisfy this requirement in such a case.
  2. Frequent Renters: If you rent a vehicle more than 10 days in a year savings may be enough to pay for a non-owner policy. You may still need to buy rental car damage waiver coverage from either rental company or another insurer. Alternatively, your credit card provider may provide Collision Damage Waiver and Loss Damage Waiver for you free of charge if you pay the rental bill with credit card. You should check with them.
  3. Extra Asset Protection Solution: A cheap non-owner car insurance policy is a good solution to supplement car-sharing service liability coverage, if you often use them or someone else’s auto. This is extra important for people who have assets and properties to protect in case an accident victim sues you as the driver who caused the injuries.
  4. Driving Someone Else’s Vehicle: You may want to have extra personal protection from third party liability claims even though vehicle owner’s insurance usually covers you as an occasional driver. When you have an accident with a car owned and insured by someone else the owner’s policy is the first policy to pay for damages and injuries caused by you. However, when the third party claims are larger than the owner’s liability coverage non-owner auto insurance policy comes into play as secondary coverage. Any shortfall is paid by this policy.
  5. Protection for Negligent Driving: Also, this policy protects the non-owner policyholder against direct claims for negligence. Third parties can sue the driver separately if they think he/she was negligent in the accident. In such cases, non-owners policy would pay for the damages should the third parties make a legitimate claim.
  6. Way of Avoiding Lapse in Auto Insurance: You may have sold your automobile and haven’t bought the next one yet. You can keep your coverage going by cancelling your expensive policy for the sold car and buying cheap car insurance for non owners. This may be better than allowing your policy lapse. You may have to pay a lot more when you want to insure a vehicle again if you allow lapse in coverage.
  7. Building Vehicle Insurance History: You may be planning to buy an automobile in the near future. In the meantime, you may be renting or using friends’ cars. Finding cheap non owners auto insurance coverage would protect you for driving someone else’s car and let you build insurance record in the same time.
  8. Peace of Mind: Insurance products are valuable not only for the financial assistance they may provide but also they offer peace of mind. Knowing that you have your own liability insurance to fall back to may be worth few hundred dollars you pay.
  9. Urban Drivers: If you live in an urban environment with good public transport and expensive city car insurance you may choose not to own a vehicle and rent if you need to drive. In this case, affordable non owners vehicle insurance is probably better than buying liability coverage from rental company each time. Non-owners auto insurance provide the flexibility to rent a car, use a car sharing service or ask a friend for his automobile without warring about liabilities arising from such driving. Also, this flexibility can take away the need to even consider owning a car, which is expensive to keep in urban setting with expensive parking and insurance.
  10. Convenience: When you have non-owners car insurance you don’t need to worry about arranging insurance each time. You feel free to pick up a car from an airport or locally and less concerned about the cost of insurance, especially if your credit card is providing the rest of the rental car insurance coverage needed free of charge.

  – Who May Not Need Non Owners Auto Insurance?

You may not need to bother with such a policy if you don’t own a vehicle but you are a listed driver on someone else’s policy. Regular driving on your partner’s, parents’, friends’ or employer’s cars may not require you to buy any other coverage, especially when you are a listed driver on their policies.

  – How Much Is Non Owners Car Insurance

The beauty of it all is that you can get cheap non owners policies from various companies including some of the top auto insurance companies, like State Farm, GEICO and Nationwide. How much it will cost will depend on factors like your driving history, age and where you live. Usually, you should be able to find coverage between $250 – $500 mark. In any case, the cost would be less than getting a standard liability vehicle insurance because you drive less.

  – Non Owners Car Insurance Quotes

We may be able to provide you with quotes right here if you were asking can I buy car insurance without a car and are convinced that the policy described above in detail is for you. After all the talk it may be time to get a few quotes and see if you would like to buy the coverage. You can start with quotes from our platform above and see any of the insurers on the panel is happy to offer good rates. You may see those companies listed above on our platform anyway depending on where you live.

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