What is Pleasure Use Car Insurance?

You may see choice of “pleasure only” on an auto insurance quote form, what does it mean? Does it mean you cannot use your car to commute to work? And do you get discounts if you choose pleasure use car insurance policy? Find out all the answers below and get a few quotes above.

Pleasure only driving is for people who don’t use their automobiles to commute to work every day or for any business purpose. This option could suit stay at home mums, people who usually take the train or subway to work, people who work from home and people with cars that is used occasionally for whatever reason including having a second car. It mainly covers grocery shopping, social visits and holidays.

Can you use it to commute to work occasionally? Generally, you should be able to drive to work on occasion, say when there is a train strike or you are going to somewhere else after work with your car. There are limitation as to how long or how often you can drive to work. Some companies set a limit of not more than 5 times a month. You still need to check with your insurer how this restrictions apply. A company may completely ban you from driving to work, especially if the work is more than 25 miles away. And they may be alright with commute use if the work is only couple of miles away.

Another definition of pleasure car insurance may have something to do with yearly mileage. If you drive less than 7,500 miles a year you may qualify for pleasure only auto insurance.

You would get some discounts for choosing pleasure vehicle insurance. However, most companies would offer you discounts if you drive less than 7,500 miles without the need to restrict where you drive, except regular business use. You need to check the conditions attached. Also, you need to make sure that savings are worth it if you choose a pleasure only option with too many restrictions.

Pleasure vs Commute Car Insurance

It is understandable that people who drive their automobiles less than an average motorist (about 12,000) would want some discounts. The more you stay on the roads the more likely to have an accident. So, the risks are lower. You should check your options by getting alternative quotes. You can get pleasure use auto insurance quotes from several companies and get a standard low mileage coverage (including commute to work) from the same companies. Compare the prices, options and restrictions to make a good selection.

Furthermore, most classic cars would be insured with pleasure automobile insurance coverage but most cars would not qualify as a classic car. Classic cars are more than just old cars. They are rear automobiles with distinction. The owners of these cars usually have second automobile that they use everyday. And they use their classic cars occasionally that qualify them for large discounts. Usually there would be yearly mileage limit within a classic car insurance policies like maximum 3,000 miles. Some people refer to this use as Sunday Driving.

Don’t be tempted with discounts and end up buying a policy coverage that doesn’t suit your lifestyle. You don’t want to be wondering if your car is insured for the current use or not. If you are in doubt buy a standard auto insurance for low mileage drivers. Then, it would be alright to use your vehicle for occasional business visits too as long as you are not transporting goods and people for a fee or business gain. Why not find out how car insurance works and enhance your knowledge?

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