What to Do if Unhappy with Vehicle Insurance Claim Handling?

Question: I looked at many auto insurance company websites. They talk about how they could save me money pages after pages. But I cannot see what should I do if I am not happy with my car insurance claim handling or settlement. So, what could a policyholder do if he/she is not happy with the way an automobile insurer deals with the complaints and claims?

Answer: Companies are well aware of the limited space on their websites. Most people don’t scroll down or go to inner pages to find out things. So, you would find that top half of most websites are dedicated to selling. It is used as an advertising board. I have to agree with you that some of the insurance company official websites are pathetic. They hardly offer any information and when they offer it is not detailed enough. I did have a look around a few of the auto insurance company websites and I must admit I could not find any information about complaint procedures. Either they assume you will contact them anyway or they are scared to bring up the topic.

So, I looked into the process and wrote an article on the subject. Anyone who is considering what to do after an unsatisfactory vehicle insurance claim settlement offers can read it.

If I were you I would want to talk to one of the supervisors in the claims department. Generally, agents will not be held accountable if you complained about the company. But the supervisors will be questioned if there are too many complaints about the way his department work. Hopefully someone will get to the bottom of it and give you the answers you need. Solving it with the company is the least painful and quickest solution. If all fails with them you can take the steps mentioned in the article above.

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