Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance?

People always ask questions like; do you know a vehicle insurer that usually offers low quotes for friends, family or colleagues? Or something like which one has the most affordable prices for young drivers. We will try to answer these questions below as best as we can. Insuring an automobile may require a little bit of work but getting it right will put your mind at rest and can save you a lot of money.

What to Know about Competitive Rates 

There are so many factors considered when premiums are calculated that it is difficult to say which one will come up with the best quotes for a particular applicant. Age, gender, history, claims records, experience, type of vehicle, zip code, education level and profession, credit history, yearly mileage and other drivers listed are only some of the factors used. When you are getting 10% good student discounts from one the other can offer 20% discounts for having a safe car and low yearly mileage.

For example, people with bad credit records may think that a company who has the best automobile insurance rates for them would be the one not basing premium calculations on credit ratings. They would look for such carriers due to this false assumption and ignore the better equipped ones to get good deals. However, insurers who don’t check credit may be already very expensive to start with that they wouldn’t be competitive.

In the same way, you may be looking for coverage for younger drivers. Even though they may say they are specialist that doesn’t mean they really are doing a good job. A traditional firm you never thought would give good rates to teenagers may be the most competitive at the end. There are so many examples to share. One may advertise 10% discounts for loyal customers. This would suggest that such customers would do well by staying put. However, another one may give them 20% discount for switching.

Furthermore, these discounts and savings may be available today and gone tomorrow. It is possible that your friends may have gotten a great deal from a particular name but their circumstances would be much different than yours. You can check for names known to give low prices for youngsters. Nonetheless, you mustn’t neglect getting several quotations from the usual suspects.

So, Who Has the Cheapest Vehicle Insurance Rates for You?

Saying all that above, there are still valid starting points to consider depending on your background and what type of a driver you are. Generally, specialization happens for various reasons and this can be seen here too. Some are better for certain types of risks and that is why they offer the lowest prices in that area. Keep all of the points in mind when you are searching for the best deals.

Here is our list of cheap auto insurance companies who have been mentioned on various other posts on this site. This list is in no particular order. And depending on where you live and what type of a driver you are one or two of these should offer you affordable quotes.

State FarmProgressiveNationwide
Farm BureausLiberty MutualAmerican Family
Auto-OwnersHartfordGrange Mutual

If you fall into two different driver categories you should check with both group of carriers in those categories. Also, you should remember to get several other random ones to see how these are doing lately. Sometimes, they can turn off their low rates for a short while or the cheap offers that make them competitive may expire. The secret is to keep looking until you find the lowest price for the coverage you want. Remember, it doesn’t take long before you start getting clued up about various sources and their pricing. So, don’t be discouraged by one or two high premium and give up too early.

Every motorist would have a unique combination of circumstances like experience, credit history, age, zip code, vehicle and listed drivers that it is difficult to say which are the best car insurance companies for you. However, this website directs you to several of them that are known for being generally cheap and better for certain types of drivers, risks and concerns. For example, following the previous link will reveal the ones with the highest claim satisfaction records. So, a lot depends on how deep you dig to find the best policy that meets all requirements.

As mentioned above, some are known to be generally competitive and yet they don’t have the best prices nationwide. Since every state has its own laws we need to look at who are likely to offer the best deals in your zip code. Follow the previous link to find the lowest prices. Again, remember to get a few more quotes from other carriers to increase the number in the mix to compare.

One of the common mistakes made online is to assume that all of them would have about the same rates and therefore it is pointless to check around more. This assumption cannot be any wrong as every single one of them is so much different from the next one. Even two of the largest automobile insurance companies can give you quotes that are as much as $1,000 different from each other. 

Personal preferences are another factor that will affect choices. It is good to have certain preferences and there is no need to worry that they will restrict the number of choices available. Even if you want to be covered by one of the top 10 largest carriers in the country you have 10 quotes to get. As you see, the links contained in this post can be very handy to narrow searches and increase the chance of finding the one that can be fully satisfactory.

It may appear to be complicated and time consuming to find most affordable rates for you. You will need to spend a little time to find the best auto insurers. Only then you get the desired coverage with savings and be totally happy about it. That is why you should spare a little time and sift through several possible carriers. Why not start by getting a few right here.