Why Do Auto Insurance Companies Ask Many Questions?

Automobile insurance companies appear to be very nosy. They ask about things like who is living in your household over the age of 15. They want to know if you are married or living with someone or have a lodger. They seem to be asking personal questions. Why would they want to know everything?

These may seem to be very personal questions. However, they simply want to know who else may get their hands on the car keys. It is possible that your partner has own automobile and unlikely to touch yours. You can point that out but you must let them know correctly as to whom else is residing in your home when getting car insurance quotes. Sometimes, this may be a problem when the other person has a bad driving record or a teenager. But, you would be in much more trouble when they cause a crash one of those days.

Consider this, you are injured and your partner with bad driving record dropped his car for service. Who would take you to hospital and which car would he/she drive? The person is clearly not a great driver hence the bad driving record. With the pressure and screaming coming from you and being in a vehicle he/she has never driven before and say it is dark and raining. What do you think the chances for an accident? This may sound an extreme story but accidents happen in most unfortunate circumstances.

Things like having a teenage driver living with you increases your rates because average car insurance rates for teenagers are higher than most other driver groups. However, it is better to look for high risk auto insurance companies to get affordable coverage rather than running the risk of hiding the fact that a high risk driver is residing in your home.

Believe it or not the more information you provide to car insurers when getting auto insurance quotes the more accurate they can price your policy.

Again they may want to confirm a few things about your car. You will need to let them know if it has ever been in an accident to your knowledge or it has been salvaged. It may not necessarily be you who caused the accident. But it is important for them to know these details. A car that has been damaged in the past can have unsolved mechanical problems or weaknesses that cause accidents.

Salvaged vehicles are always extra risk for the companies. First of all they were totalled once and there must be a good reason for it. Secondly, now that they are back on the road are they really safe? Previously damaged cars are high risk just like drivers who have had previous accidents. Companies need to include such details in their premium calculations. You may end up paying few dollars extra but you will be safer if anything happens in the future because you have not hidden them.

They would ask some details as if they are planning to steal your auto. They will ask where is it parked at night and where do you usually go with it. These are the things to assess if it is an easy target for auto theft or you are likely to get involved in accidents.

For example, if you are bouncer in a night club you are likely to go to work well after most people return home. And you come back home in the early hours. These are the times that are high accident risks and the company may want to be properly compensated for it. They are not necessarily being nosy but they are just covering their grounds to make sure they charge the right premium.

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