Why Some Cars Are Cheaper to Insure than Others

Reducing motoring costs is easy if you follow a few steps successfully. One of them is to pick a cheaper to insure automobile and enjoy low rates as long as you keep it. There are a number of reasons why insurance companies love some cars much more than others and they are mostly to do with risks associated with driving them. Understanding these variables can help you find the vehicles that will land you low premiums and save money for years.

Here are 10 reasons why you may pay cheaper insurance with some vehicles and why to avoid others;

  1. At the basis of most underwriting algorithms is the underlying costs. This is based on the claim history of the vehicle model chosen. History of the similar cars in the range would affect this pricing as well.
  2. The average cost of these claims would be influential as well. Hence, both the number and size of damages would be looked at while determining the best automobiles for affordable insurance.
  3. Another area to consider is the injuries sustained by the occupants of certain classes of automobiles. Naturally, safer cars will protect their occupants better. As a result, companies would end up paying less for injury claims and charge lower premiums. Motorists would achieve the highest discounts if they pay attention to these points when they are choosing a car.

For example, if a specific model within the sedan category has 50% more serious injury claims than other sedans, the one with the higher numbers will cost more to insure. This is simply because the underwriters have to account for the extra medical expenses that will be paid out.

That is why the safety rating of each model becomes very important. There are a few new features that are designed to reduce accidents and injuries. They include forward collision warning, lane departure warning, auto-braking capability and rear camera and blind spot monitoring. Cars are appraised by the NHTSA and the IIHS for safety. If an automobile scores highly, most often it will have a lower claim rate and therefore they are the best autos for cheap insurance premiums.

  1. Repair expenditure is another factor. Some autos are more economical to repair than others due to widely available and reasonably priced parts and mechanical expertise. It is only fair that these are the cars with preferred ratings because they cost less to fix.
  2. It is fair to say that insurance policies for commonly sold vehicles are going to be more affordable. One of the main reasons for this is that companies have to be competitively priced when they are targeting a large portion of the population in order to increase the volume of their business. It is a simple business practice in which the prices go down when the volume is up. In other words, smaller profit margins will be compensated by higher numbers of sales.
  3. Some of the reasons behind high quotes are more obvious. Generally exotic sports car insurance coverage is more expensive. Everyone can appreciate the fact that an average driver is likely to crash them. You need a certain level of experience to handle powerful automobiles because they take off faster, reach a higher speed quicker and encourage the driver to test the limits on the roads. Furthermore, the collisions they are involved in can be a lot more costly due to high-speed crashes and their custom parts.
  4. In the same way, cars with smaller engines would be cheaper to insure since they cannot go fast and are easier to handle by most drivers.
  5. Family focused cars with smaller engines are typically a lot more favorable than sports cars or large engine vehicles. One of the main reasons for lower auto insurance rates is that family vehicles are driven more responsibly. So, what types of motorists choose certain autos is very important. A policy for a vehicle that is a firm favorite with mums like minivans would be priced much more competitively. They usually have children in the car with them, which makes them extra careful and watch out for their speed. In addition, they only travel locally to school, supermarket and work. You can hardly imagine a teenager taking out mum’s minivan for a joyride. That is why it is not surprising to see these vehicles with cheap insurance rates.
  6. Some automobiles can attract higher quotes because they invite more thieves. Straightaway, you may think that expensive, high-end cars are the main targets of auto thieves. But this is not usually the case. Thieves go for vehicles that are easy to break-in and drive away. All the security and tracking features on the high value automobiles can be enough to deter thieves. Consequently this will reduce the theft risk and coverage costs.
  7. The price tag of the automobile affects insurance costs too. When a vehicle is totalled or stolen the carrier will have to pay its open market value to the policyholder.


Everyone starts with some sort of an idea on the type of car they want to own. Knowing the cheapest cars to insure can be really handy during shopping. Always remember that there is a good reason why carriers are happy to offer large discounts for some automobiles. They are generally safe, hard to steal and repairs are economical. To be sure about pricing you should always get at least three quotes on two models you are interested in buying. That way you can get the absolute best value insurance.