Can I Get Discounts for Insuring Two or More Vehicles?

Up-selling and capturing friends and family of the customer is like bread and butter of most businesses and often people get further discounts when they purchase more then one item at a time. This same logic applies to buying auto insurance coverage. They have got to give some incentives for motorists, in a way, to work for them and help them push more policies.

You should mention that you are already a customer when you are purchasing the second one and ask for discounts. Usually it will be around five to ten percent and usually work when actually someone else in your household is getting it. It doesn’t have to be you every time, as long as they are at the same address. For example, they can offer lower rates for a teenage driver if the parents are with the company. It is always worth asking the question and this would be a huge saving on a teenager premium.

Also, probably multi-car insurance policies would be the cheapest option when planning on adding more automobiles into the plan. Some motorists may think that they have to arrange the same coverage for all the cars when they insure them under a multi-car policy. This is not the case as you can have Liability only for one vehicle and full coverage for the other. There is some room for flexibility in the way you can protect them.

They can also offer better rates if they are already insuring your home. Companies love to up-sell to their existing policyholders before anyone else can come between. Therefore, they offer various incentives to check.

Probably most people got those phone calls where one of your existing carrier wants to know if you have a home or something else that they can quote at the next renewal. Next time you get a call or e-mail like that see what is in it for you. They are smart enough to know that they need to sweeten any deal for it to be effective and they are not shy about it. They have already worked it out.

Don’t rush, ask the agent calculate in several ways and see which is better and cheaper. Sometimes, people may not want a multi-car plan. For example, they may be intending to sell the old car shortly and it may be expiring anyway. They may not want to mix things up, finish with the old in due course and continue the new independently. Whichever you prefer they can arrange it. The short answer is yes; you should be able to get lower prices for doing more business with them.

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