Would Insurance Cover If the Car Is Lost in the Wash?

Have you ever thought that a car can be totally lost in a car wash? How about never seeing it again after dropping to a local cleaner? This is exactly what happened to one driver. He left his automobile to a station and went to run errands in town. When he came back it was not there and the workers had no idea where it was. They thought that the owner has taken it.

The vehicle has turned up several days later with some damages. The owner in this particular case had liability only auto insurance coverage, which would not include the damages to his own auto. Therefore he had to pay for it out of pocket. It is a shame to suffer an insurable loss and have no coverage for it. Comprehensive component is the part that compensates auto theft and it is usually included as part of full coverage packages sold widely in the market. But you don’t get this if you went for the cheapest car insurance policy you can get.

This incident raises a very important question. Would he be paid should he have a Comprehensive coverage for theft? Why would even this question be raised? The reason for that is that he has handed over his keys willingly to the car wash workers. Normally, carriers can refuse to pay for theft if the owner handed over the keys with willingness. If you leave it on the car you may have problems with some of them. They may refuse the theft on the grounds that not only you did not take due precautions but also encouraged thieves to steal it.

So, would handing over the keys matter in this case. Our research reveals that under normal circumstances it is irrelevant that you handed over the key to your vehicle to a car wash or valet parking attendant. This is something people do every day and they do not expect cars stolen when they do. Comprehensive component should compensate for a stolen car. If the vehicle is found with damages it should pay for repairs as they were sustained during theft.

It is important to note that this doesn’t necessarily apply to every circumstance or policy. This is a general opinion and people should check with their insurers for more accurate information. Also, a deductible would be charged before they settle the claim.

Another option for recovery in this case is to sue the garage, valet or car wash services. If you win the case against them and they have business liability insurance you should be able to recoup your losses. When it is small concern and haven’t got assets it may be best to ask if they have business protection. The court proceedings can be costly and you may not be able to collect payment should they be a small labor based operation.

These small companies put up signs of disclaimers or print them at the back of their receipt that they do not accept any liability in regards to your car. In other words, you assume all the responsibility even if you entrusted it to them. This is a way of eluding to buy business plan. If they are negligent in the handling of the automobile or cause an avoidable damage they may be found liable by a judge.

Owners are well advised to keep comprehensive coverage to get compensated in these situations of theft and damages. This would be the least pain free solution. Therefore, it is important to think about possible losses you may suffer while arranging a policy. You may think that nothing is going to happen but one big incident can cripple your finances.