Why Should I Switch Auto Insurance Companies?

According to several studies drivers take comfort from knowing their existing carriers a while. Change can be worrying for some. However, this isn’t a good enough excuse not to shop around. Maybe the problem is that they either don’t know they can save on automobile insurance while still getting the same coverage and going with a similarly reputable rival or they have heard of it but don’t believe.

There is a big bonus here for anyone who is still on the fence about getting the ball rolling and starting the search for the best value car insurance. Remember that once you lowered the premium you will keep receiving cheaper renewal quotes from then onwards. 

The truth is that we cannot move on to better things if we do not look for them. So, we need to assume that motorists should be motivated, encouraged or even compensated to search for alternatives. So, let’s have a look at possible reasons to be keen and size of discounts to impress enough.

Motorists can suddenly become keen shoppers once they are let down. Studies show that one of the key reasons for switching vehicle insurers is unsatisfactory service or claim handling. The problem is that you really don’t need to interact with them unless you have a claim and many can go years without making one, all the while believing that their carriers are worth the money and missing on savings.

Most policyholders would find a few extra discounts here and there if they are looking for it that would bring auto insurance premiums down. It is important that it is done earlier rather than letting expensive renewal terms slip for another year. Many motorists somehow run out of time and end up staying put on the day. When you keep saying tomorrow it is no surprise that the deadline day will come and you will get caught with no other option.

Motorists’ response may be affected by how much they can save. For example, If the premium difference is about $500 most of them would definitely be convinced to switch automobile insurers, as long as they get the same coverage. It is a lot of money for anyone who can think of a few places to spend it.

However, if the difference is around $200, they could go back to their agents and ask them if they would match the best quote. Agents may be able to somehow find a way to give existing customers couple of hundred dollars more savings. They know the policyholder well and they should be able to lower the premium if a totally new company can afford to do so. This would depend on how profitable this relationship has been to them.

Often people take extra comfort from being with one of the reputable names in the USA even it means that they pay a bit more. It isn’t hard to understand the reasoning behind such choice. They need to be fairly good to be able to establish a big insurance brand and persuade many people to buy policies from them. People usually feel more comfortable knowing that they are not alone in their choices. Such people would only be convinced if someone can prove to them that they can have the same reliability but much cheaper premiums.

They may not care if the current one is in the top ten or not as long as they feel relatively safe with them. This goes to show that personal opinions play a key role regardless of how it was acquired in the first place. Often drivers wouldn’t buy a policy from a source they have never heard of before, unless it is offered by a broker they know and trust. So, it is easier to convince them face-to-face and most are still suspicious of online quotes.

Price is always important for large numbers of people and they would switch car insurance companies for anything more than hundred bucks. They are usually Internet savvy and know that they can find cheaper rates if they search hard enough. It must be said that you are either old school to think loyalty still counts or too lazy to be bothered to make a move. Perhaps, you are earning more than a hundred bucks an hour and you rightfully couldn’t care less.

Staying put or accepting the first quote without comparing alternatives is really shooting yourself in the foot. You can have a recognized name, great coverage and still save money but must be willing to keep an open mind and do the legwork.