Auto Insurance Discounts to Ask for

Have you ever had the feeling that you are not getting cheap automobile insurance currently? According to a new survey, you may be one of the many policyholders who are being overcharged. If the renewal is coming you should check if there are more discounts to ask for. This will quickly show how you are being priced at the moment and if it is time to move on.

You can get the best price when you make the most of all the discounts you qualify for. If you have a good record you have plenty of choices in the market. Most companies offer good rates for various reasons and some offer further reductions if you switch to them. It is best to find out if you are charged a fair premium or not, instead of carrying the nagging feeling that you could save money.

The Surveys about Possible Vehicle Insurance Savings

A survey carried out by Harris Interactive on behalf of Progressive Insurance suggests that drivers deserve discounts and they do not seem to be getting or asking for. According to progressive about 40% of them could have gotten lower car insurance rates. If you round up that number for the US motorists it is approximately 70 millions of them and God knows how many billions of dollars in lost savings.

Many people drive less hours than they initially told in quote forms. They are safer if they are only out on sociable hours. These are the reasons why the company believes policyholders don’t know about possible discounts they can qualify for and that is why they aren’t getting them.

50% of the survey participants say that they drive less than twelve thousand miles a year. It is less than the national average of thirteen and half thousand. Probably many motorists were automatically assumed to be traveling at least this many miles. Over 80% consider themselves to be cautious and defensive on the roads. Nearly 90% of participants never travel between midnight and four am, which are considered to be the most dangerous hours.

Prove You Are a Better Driver Than Most and Save Big

Most companies believe in rewarding safer applicants with lower rates. There are new ways of calculating premiums if you agree to a telematic device to be installed in your vehicle. These devices are fitted to policyholders’ auto and send information about driving habits back to the reporting center. Premiums are calculated on the real information according to the hours on the road and precautions taken, recorded by these devices.

There is no reason for high premiums when a driver only goes to work and back at reasonable hours, does not make sudden stops, cross at red lights or return home late after partying. The savings are there for you if you are up for allowing the little gadget to be fitted. There are others that offer similar pay as you drive insurance if you are interested in giving this option your full consideration. Telematics are great devices that can save you money by showing what type of a risk you are.

You could make the most of this innovation if you are a youngster or just had a huge premium rise due to accidents. You keep low key for the next policy term and you are back on the market as someone with one year no claim bonus. Then you can pick any company you like if you do not like telematic programs.

Believe that there are other easy and cool solutions in the market when you just had a surprisingly high renewal quote. You can find unexpected car insurance saving opportunities when you start looking for them and asking the questions. You can start the search on your own with the help of the Internet or see a broker to take it up for you.

There are times that we are in desperate need of a few hundred dollars. Once you let it fly out of your wallet that money is never coming back no matter how badly you need it. You shouldn’t let another renewal go by without searching to see if you can get better deals. Do it for the fun of it if you are not hard up.