Are There Problems with Getting a few Car Insurance Quotes?

Is it OK to get a few different quotes from the same company and how many quotes I should get before enough is enough? For example, one with full coverage, the other with liabilities only and one more with higher deductibles to see if it is worth dropping Collision and Comprehensive Coverage or increasing deductibles.

These are typical concerns people would have if they were talking to a broker. If you ask too many questions, request a few car insurance quotes with different level of coverage or do things out of ordinary your broker may show signs of agitation. A broker may think that you are wasting his/her time. However, it is your own time on the internet and there is nobody to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do.

The real question is that would there be a problem with getting too many vehicle insurance quotes? For example, do car insurance companies check credit score each time someone ask for a quote and how would that affect applicant’s credit score?

Do credit checks carried out by auto insurance companies effect your overall credit score? The short answer is no. They are considered to be soft pull and does not affect credit score. They are different than a bank carrying out a credit check which may result in you losing few points. By the way, not every company may actually check your credit score at the time of quoting. They may check right before placing you on cover.

So, the answer is; there are no problems with getting several different automobile insurance quotes from the same company or getting a few from other companies. It is your time and you can use it to find lower premiums. Actually how it should be. It is a good idea to see what is what and make your mind accordingly.

Usually people get at least three quotes at each renewal. If you can save a little money it is worth spending time. Besides people can spend hours online doing totally useless things. Sometimes, prices can be all over the place that you may need more than three quotations. But they are generally around the same figure and offer similar policies.

It is good to know that there is no harm in getting a few of them. This allows you to play around with cover, deductibles and see which will yield the best combination of coverage, protection and price. You should make sure that you don’t get too deep and confuse yourself.

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