Calling Car Insurers to Ask for Discounts Works

Many families are trying hard to cut costs in order to stay within budget and reduce pressures to borrow more money. Lowering auto insurance premiums can help in that aspect because it is a large ticket item and a repetitive expense. There are many ways of achieving this objective and interestingly enough some of them are a lot easier than the others.

To be fair, motorists have been trying to achieve this goal in several ways. For example, they are carpooling to reduce petrol costs and yearly mileage, which could qualify them for a discount. Also, a few have been downsizing and choosing family friendly and cheap to insure automobiles that can easily reduce the costs as much as twenty to thirty percent depending on the switch.

However, there is a simple way that works for everyone. Recently a couple shared their method on Facebook. It was nothing more than just calling the current automobile insurer and asking if they could have a little bit more discount because the premium is too high for them as it stands.

When you put it like that most agents are more than willing to help because they probably have similar problems as well at home. In this case, the agent suggested that they should increase deductibles. This strategy saved them $6 per month which wasn’t anywhere near what the couple was hoping for.

They made this point clear and suggested that they should probably start searching for a few other vehicle insurance quotes to see if the competitors are keener to offer better rates. Once the idea of losing a fast paying and trouble-free customer sink in the agent managed to sharpen the pencil and bring the premium down to a level that keeps everyone happy.

You may have been thinking long and hard, and coming up with difficult solutions like keeping a clean record for the next year to qualify for a discount. All the while not aware that a simple phone call to car insurance companies can do the trick right now.

Actually, you can make sure that you will succeed with this strategy in any case by doing your homework. The first thing you need to do is to get a few quotes online to see how competitive is your current rates. It is pretty easy to fill proposal forms and the results are almost instant. Once you establish that you are paying a bit over the top you can push harder.

On the other hand, you may find that they have actually been fair and cheap. Then, you would be happy with this knowledge and still ask. For example, did you know that you can get about a 5% car insurance discount for renewing the policy a little earlier than the due date and paying in full? You need to be prepared for a “give and take” if you want to negotiate.

Don’t feel like you are imposing on them because they have one or two tricks up their sleeves for policyholders just like you. Believe it or not they always have a little deal sweetener tucked away to be used when they are cornered. People in the know make the most of them while others are either scared or shy to pick up the phone to ask.

Frankly, this method would have a better chance with good drivers. Of course, they won’t break their back to help you if the company is already in two ways about keeping or letting you go because you aren’t a profitable proposition.

There is a serious misconception in this area. Many motorists think that they pay ton of money and that is why they have a better face. The fact of the matter is that you may have made a claim for thousands of dollars recently and they may be scared to get another one even bigger. On the other hand, many people get really favorable rates because they haven’t bothered the company for years and it is unlikely that they will any time soon.

Often people say that auto insurance companies don’t negotiate. That is really a silly statement and has been proven wrong many a times. It just doesn’t make any business sense to let go a profitable policyholder because it isn’t cheap to find another and usually they may have to offer them even lower rates for making the switch. We have already given examples to how and why you could get at least a 5% discount for just asking for it.

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